New Bedroom Accessories that’ll Instantly Brighten you


When you arrive home from a long day at work, it’s time to unwind and give your mind a break. Is your bedroom lacking the accessories you need to brighten your mood? Simply lying down in bed is great and all, but why not take the level of enjoyment up a notch with some modern accessories?

As you already know, it’s of the utmost importance to rejuvenate your mind & body through relaxation and deep sleep before getting back to work the next day. And since most people can’t afford a personal masseuse, it’s important to find affordable ways to rejuvenate that fit your budget.

As a result, to make your life easier, there are great online guides to lead you in the right direction like this one. Allow the modern accessories in this guide to help you to relax before bed and get that deep sleep you need to feel your best the following day.

In the end, you’ll not only sleep better at night, but you’ll be more productive, making you an everyday all-star.

1. Incense Waterfall Burner w/ Tibetan Incense


A simple and affordable bedroom accessory for relaxation is an incense burner with the addition of a waterfall feature. This nifty gadget blends the soothing effects of burning incense along with the peaceful sounds of flowing water.

Have you ever noticed how good it feels to listen to the ocean or a river flowing? These are two of the finest natural sounds offered by Mother Earth.

Just imagine how good it will feel to close your eyes and drift away to a blissful state while this special type of incense burner massages your senses. Then, with the addition of Tibetan incense, you get the added benefits of unique Himalayan incense recipes created specifically for meditation.

After all, Tibet is a place where meditation is a major part of life, so why not get your incense directly from the experts?

2. Essential Oil Diffuser


If you’re not a fan of incense, then diffusing essential oils might be your perfect alternative. Essential oil diffusers work by emitting a fine mist that’s made by mixing a few drops of your favorite essential oils with water.

The mixture is then added to the diffuser to be emitted into your bedroom for a specific period of time. Comparatively, ultrasonic diffusers produce mist for longer periods, while the top nebulizing diffusers recommended at Essentially Nebulized produce a more potent fragrance.

When choosing between the two, it’s also important to consider that an ultrasonic diffuser uses less oil. The reason this is important is that essential oils do vary drastically in price, and if your favorite oils are in the expensive category, you’ll want to choose your diffuser carefully.

On the other hand, if your budget permits it, there’s nothing quite as invigorating and potent as the aromas produced by a nebulizing essential oil diffuser.

3. Meditation Cushion


Since you’ve already added an incense burner or essential oil diffuser to your bedroom, why not practice meditation? A meditation cushion is a perfect complement to any bedroom because it’s both stylish and comfortable.

Also, you might want to consider a matching meditation cushion set once you decide whether meditation is right for you. If you’re having trouble getting into a meditation routine, a good way to start is to invest in a cushion and take baby steps. In the beginning, even one minute of daily meditation is better than nothing.

Additionally, a good way to get motivated is to consider the various types of meditation and methods. Once you see all the great benefits people are experiencing, you’ll be able to choose which type interests you the most.

For instance, you might find that the spiritual form of meditation known as transcendental meditation is something you’d like to master to enrich your life. Nevertheless, a meditation cushion suits all types of meditation and helps you to customize your meditation space.

4. Sound Machine


A sound machine is another great complement to the preceding items. Sound machines make soothing sounds, white noise, pink noise, nature sounds, and others to help you to relax. If you have trouble falling asleep or drifting away to a blissful state, a sound machine could be your missing ingredient.

When choosing a sound machine, be sure to consider the sounds you like the most and your goals. For example, if you’re having trouble blocking out distracting sounds at home, a white noise machine could be your answer to mask unwanted sounds.

Plus, sound machines take the guesswork out of choosing white noise sounds on your own with a Bluetooth speaker. For this reason, white noise machines are advantageous compared to Bluetooth speakers for people who are easily distracted by sounds.

5. Full-Body Pillow


Do you like to sleep with a pillow between your knees? Tell your hubby to move over when it’s time for bed because a full-body pillow is one of the most relaxing bedroom accessories on the planet. It’s not only softer than your husband’s, but it also doesn’t move around in its sleep.

There are several types of full-body pillows available, and a U-shaped pregnancy support pillow is worth a long look whether you’re pregnant or not. With a U-shaped pillow, you get full wrap-around coverage that hugs your entire body, and what could be more relaxing than that?

Closing Thoughts

Increasing your bedroom comfort doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. In fact, with all the available options online, it’s not hard to find any of the items featured in this guide for a reasonable price. Plus, all of these items work great together.

To illustrate, you flick on your essential oil diffuser, then meditate on your meditation cushion before going to snuggle with your full-body pillow, all the while your favorite nature sounds are playing on your new sound machine.

All in all, the point is that you deserve to be pampered after a long day to be better prepared for the next and get a more restful night’s sleep.


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