Best Creed Cologne Reviews that Smells Awesome


Creed has been dominating the market since 1760. It has a high popularity, and not to forget high prices. Nonetheless, I have made the top 10 best creed cologne list to ensure that your money doesn’t waste.

It is debatable why the price of Creed is so high, but you can check the perfume’s description below and find out the unique accords it uses.

The Best Creed Cologne in 2023

These are the top creed scents that will make 2023 a better year in terms of fragrance.

1CREED Aventus – Best Creed Cologne for Women

creed aventus

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This splendid fragrance that will get you many women for sure comes in a 50 ml bottle. However, the price is relatively high but notes that it is one of the most rated perfumes.
It comes in a spray form, making it very easy to use and apply as you like. For a courageous man and is not afraid to show his personality, this scent of creed is ready to compliment you.

What I like best about this perfume is that I can use it any time of the year. Because of the exclusive notes, it is ideal for all the weather a year holds.

Therefore, in its top notes, it uses Italian bergamot, which is sexy. And when it comes to the middle note, it has the fusion of Moroccan jasmine that is subtle yet expressive.
Besides that, Vanilla in the base note would mix-up with your body’s chemistry and present you as the charming man of any occasion.

  • Inspired by French history
  • Clear fragrance
  • Excellent choice of notes
  • The bottle design is beautiful and elegant
  • High-price Creed perfume

2Creed Green Irish Tweed – Best Creed Cologne

Creed Green Irish Tweed

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All best smelling creed cologne is expensive, but this is a fair deal because it comes in a 97ml size. To some, the price can seem high, but when compared to other top-rated creed scents, this one is a better choice.

The reason for the popularity of Creed Green Irish Tweed is the fusion of notes. With the usage of Violet Leaves, it becomes distinctive. Undeniably, everyone wears a scent these days, but it is quite challenging to stand out from all the fragrances.
If you want to stand-out, you can try these notes. Nevertheless, it doesn’t uses any Verbena but a specific one from India. More to these notes, the Sandalwood in the base note is what you will love the notes.

Nonetheless, Creed knows the ideal way to choose the notes and then blend them to make a perfect and fragrance.
Although you can use it any time of the year, I suggest you wear it in winters and summers.

  • Excellent reviews
  • Complements the body’s chemistry
  • Uses concentration of natural oils
  • For some, the bottle is too dark

3Creed Original Vetiver – Best Creed Cologne for Men

Creed Green Irish Tweed

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As the name suggests, it is one of the accurate representation of Creed’s taste of main accords. It also has 97 ml packaging, and the price is reasonable when matching the perfume’s quality.

While selecting the best creed cologne for men, I focused on the notes to ensure that it would be exclusive and distinctive. Therefore, this one uses Bergamot, Bitter Orange, Mandarin, Vetiver Leaves as the tops notes.

Unquestionably it uses natural plants to drive the subtle scents and blend with the other accords such as fresh and citrus. Another exciting blend is of White Pepper and Tonkin Musk. These two, when fused, ensure that your cologne will stay for long.
In addition to that when it comes to the right time for wearing it, I suggest it is ideal for wearing in summer. As the notes make a refreshing scent, it is suitable for summers as well.

On the other hand, if you were looking for a Creed to gift someone, its high ratings guarantee that they will like it for sure.

  • Distinctive accords
  • Ideal when you want a refreshing smell
  • High positive ratings
  • Not suitable if you do not prefer the plant’s aroma

4Creed Silver Mountain – Best Smelling Creed Perfume

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It too comes in 97 ml. However, this ideal creed fragrance is long-lasting not just in terms of volume but also on the body and clothing.
For purchase in 2023, you sure do not want to miss the trend that is classy and seductive, and that is the Green Tea note. Because of this, there is always a refreshing smell around you.

Not just that, the reviews state that its fragrance helps to keep the mood fresh, like a new spring or summer morning; besides that, the inclusion of a woody aroma is what makes it great for a whole year.

It means that at such a price, you can rock the whole year with the admirable perfume. On the other hand, if you are looking for a smell that would help you impress your lady, this might be.

Many women contributed to Amazon’s rating and said they prefer their men wearing this Creed perfume than any other. I would also suggest you stay alert because you will get plenty of compliments.

  • Makes an ideal gift
  • The ideal blend of fusion
  • Women prefer it on men
  • Total white packaging

5Creed Viking Eau De Parfum for Men

Creed Viking Eau De Parfum for Men

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I will not debate the price as we have realized that Creed’s are hard on pocket yet with the soothing scent it is on many dressing tables. The same goes for this Viking creed cologne for men that comes in 100 ml size.

Nonetheless, it uses the woody and citrus accords, which are suitable for various skin types. Not just that, these go excellent with the body’s chemistry and give a delicate, classy fragrance.

On the other hand, if you were finding the answer to which creed cologne is best for younger men, then this is what goes into your cart straight away.
The fiery daring bergamot note is ready to make your first impression an awe-inspiring one. Although, you can use it on particular occasions throughout the year. However, to have the applaudable results wear it in winters.

Moreover, it has high ratings, and people are happy because they receive the product they have expected from the notes’ list.
I would suggest this perfume for men who are young at heart and age and fierce to carry the bottle.

  • Lasts longer
  • High positive reviews
  • Adds a seductive touch
  • Includes a little floral aroma

6Creed Millesime Imperial – Eau de parfum

Creed Millesime Imperial

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If you are still looking for that one Creed perfume that will take everyone’s attention, then this could be it! It comes in a 50 ml size, and gladly the price is lower than many others in the best creed cologne.

Besides that, this fragrance got popular because you can use it either in summers, winters, autumn, and spring. Not just that, there is another plus that goes for casual and formal wear.

The ultimate scent is the blend of the citrus and marine notes together. Besides the notes, it is an excellent choice when it comes to concentration. It means that you will not smell all alcohol with this perfume as you might have with other low-quality scents.

Nonetheless, the consistency is also admirable. The perfume doesn’t leave a stain on your clothing, and it isn’t watery so that the smell will last longer.
If it’s your first time purchasing a Creed perfume, I suggest you try this one. However, I warn you about the Amber musk note, as it is the base note, and if you do not like musk, it is not for you.

  • Suitable for casual and formal wear
  • Excellent consistency and concentration
  • Easy on the budget in Creed’s list
  • Rubbing the perfume cause the fragrance to mix with that of the cloth

7Creed Aventus for Her – Best Creed Perfume for Her

Creed Aventus for Her

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Among the ladies perfume, Creed is famous for the pure ingredient it uses. Not just that, over the years, it has gained popularity for the fact that the notes are always exclusive.
This perfume is unique because it is Amazon’s choice. It means that it has been through the quality check. Also, it has one of the high ratings. So ladies, if it is going to be your first Creed scent, then you do not want anything else than this.

Nevertheless, it uses main accords such as fruity and floral. Both of these, when mixed, make an ideal fragrance that is suitable for spring and summer. Besides that, the addition of green apple and sweet peach makes the ultimate fragrance.

What I love the most about this Creed Aventus, the top-rated scent, is that it goes with every personality and not just that it complements you the most.
Also, if you are a bold woman, the reviews can assure you that this will bring out your personality more precisely.

  • It goes with the personality
  • Includes essential notes
  • It makes an ideal gift
  • The label may not stay for long

8Spring Flower by Creed for Women – Eau de parfum

Spring Flower by Creed for Women

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It comes in a 73 ml size that will go a long way, as the price is higher than other Creed for women. Therefore, it is ideal for particular occasions, where you will be able to turn the tables.

Besides that, the bottle comes in a perfect design and makes an exceptional gift. Also, it uses high-quality ingredients that go best with your skin’s chemistry.

As the name specifies, it is a famous floral perfume, but the main accords also include exclusive fruits. Moreover, many florals include jasmine that would go best with fancy nights and intimidate evenings.

I love it on women for the fact that the ingredients have excellent blending. And I don’t just smell flowers or fruits but both in a moderate amount.
It goes in summer’s fresh mornings or spring. As the manufacturer suggests, it lasts longer if applied on the neck and wrist; it will stay for a whole day long.
Nevertheless, it is Amazon’s choice, which helps in ensuring that the product is worth the purchase.

  • The exceptional bottle that is suitable for gifts
  • The blending of fruits and flowers in appropriate proportion
  • It also uses oils that go soft on your skin
  • The packaging is not very much appreciated

9Creed Love in White – Most popular Creed Cologne

Creed Love in White

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Not all perfumes need to be funky, and not everyone wants to be the one to be looked at when going into a room. If you are that person, then this classy Creed will suit you the most.

It is a blend of classy notes, such as in the top notes, it uses the Orange zest. When it comes to the middle notes, it includes Florentine Iris, French Daffodils, Magnolia, Bulgarian Rose, Tonkin Rice. Specifically for the base note, there is Vanilla, Ambergris, Mysore, and Sandalwood.

The reason I shared this detail with you is so it becomes easier to finalize if you want this Creed or not. However, let me assure you that these French Daffodils used in this scent by Creed are authentic and unique.

Besides that, there is a scarce chance that you find a fusion of Vanilla with Tonkin Rice and that too with excellent fragrance.
When you come to buy Creed stay clear that it will cost you money but remember, it will be worth it. As the brand has high recognition, therefore people admire it.

  • It comes in a 73 ml size and lasts longer
  • The fragrance is subtle yet unique
  • Its fragrance is a combination from five continents
  • The bottle needs to be cleaned regularly

10Creed Virgin Island Water – Best Creed Perfume for Him

Creed Virgin Island Water

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Least on the list, but one of the highly demanded and most popular Creed scent might be the one getting in your cart. It is a blend of accords that are warm that refreshing.

Therefore, you can use it on nights and days throughout the year. The Island Water is a scent with proper concentration, and you will neither smell like alcohol nor a particular accords.

I choose this Creed to be in the best creed cologne list because of the unique Indian Jasmine. More importantly, it blends with the other notes such as tropical wood and gives out an authentic scent.
Besides that, it has coconut that is suitable for all skin types and gives out a smoother texture. It has high ratings, and people admire it for the original fragrance.

  • It stays longer as a subtle fragrance
  • it uses unique notes
  • It keeps the skin soft
  • High price compared with the size


I understand that the price has put you in second thoughts if it is your first time Creed Scent’s purchase. But the reviews state that the person with Creed’s collection is ready to go to any occasion. Therefore, it is best to spend money and have at least one perfume from Creed.
The list above includes both Creed for men and Creed for women. Rest assured, it makes an excellent gift too.

FAQ about Best Creed Cologne

What is the reason for the high price of Creed?

Creed is a well-known brand, and it makes you stand out in a whirl of fragrances. Nonetheless, the high price is for the unique accords it uses.
Also, the company has high experience in the fragrance industry, and it uses it to make unique scents.

Is Creed unisex?

Not all the Creed are unisex; some are mainly for men or women. However, if you are looking for a unisex, you can find one in the collection.
Other than that, do not worry if you are wearing a women’s Creed; no men will be wearing it otherwise.

When does Creed scent expire?

Some Creed cologne comes with a particular expiry date, but some don’t come with expiry. Therefore, you should check it before the purchase and ensure that the money doesn’t get wasted.

Which one is the most popular creed cologne?

The Creed Virgin Island Water and Creed Green Irish Tweed are the two popular creed scents.


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