Best Cologne for Young Men 2021 that Girls Like Most

best cologne for young men

Today we are going to discuss what young men really care about but do not have enough knowledge about which one suits them better or what should they buy, yes we are talking about the best cologne for young men. Most young folks think smelling good is not considered manly or it is only for old people, well we are here to break the stereotype. To be honest awesome cologne and to smell nice is one of the quickest and cheapest things you can do to become attractive.

Since you are young men you have a lot of options to choose from and we will help you with that. By wearing good fragrance will not only make a good impression but young ladies will melt smelling you and most importantly you will be more confident. Youth is one of the most important and fun periods of life, so why not make the best of it by smelling good.

List of Best Cologne for Young Men in 2021

We have compiled with the perfect list of the best cologne for young men so that you can find the right scent for you or for your friends. Finding the best cologne means going through fragrance to meet your standard can be frustrating. However one must find a suitable one that smells best since using the right cologne has bettered the lives of so many people.

Before we start, you should know that there is no single best cologne for young men. Everyone is different and has a different way of seeing things. Finding the best cologne basically means finding one that suits you and your pocket. Since scents tell a lot about men therefore you have to be very picky about it. Some fragrance exudes note of leather accord while others give off light or airy feels. Some are more masculine and show off strength. Both men and women do not want the same thing. Where few colognes are women pleaser while other cologne may more suitable if worn in school, office or parties.

Below are a few of our best cologne for young men that we have picked, start going through each, and find which one suits you the best. It is the best men’s cologne of all time.

1Davidoff Cool Water

Davidoff Cool Water

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1988 was the year when Davidoff launched its legendary fragrance, Cool water for men. Right after launch because of its unique scent, it revalorized the world of fragrance and is considered as an absolute legend. It has a very sharp yet intense best young men cologne that has the ability to resonate with men from all walks of life. It has been more than 35 years when it first came but still, it’s as popular as ever.

Cool water is considered a cheap version of Green Irish tweed but both have very different scent while Green Irish Tweed has a grass version of the same scent while Cool water is more like a blue ocean version. It has a fresh, aquatic summertime scent that leaves you feeling very refreshed and gives you a very natural and pleasant vibe. This cologne is best for young men especially having age between 20 – 30 years old.

This fragrance can be named as once in a lifetime scent and because of its freshness, it is still one of the best choices for young men. If you have not ever tried it you need to get this one immediately. It is a 125 ML bottle that comes in a cool blue elegant vertical box. Davidoff has been on top of the charts since this fragrance came out. No doubt the fresh aquatic scent does take you to another world.


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2Lacoste Blanc

Lacoste Blanc

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In one simple sentence, Lacoste Blanc can be described as a sporty scent that works perfectly on a hot day. Even though Lacoste does not come out with noteworthy fragrance and is not considered as fragrance house but this is different.  It was first released in 2011 and is top of the charts among other Lacoste fragrances.

Blanc is the French word for white therefor Lacoste Blanc is also called Lacoste White, has a very clean, sharp fresh scent that works really well in summer days. If you are feeling lazy, after you spray this you will get this hit of positivity, good mood and it just lifts your whole energy up.

It has a creamy fresh fragrance that suits them best for young men. The longevity of this product is good especially if you spray in the morning. It is one of the best cologne for young men especially men who are into sports

Either you are going out to play tennis or basketball or maybe the gym this is a perfect fragrance to be used on summer hot keeps you fresh and gives that relaxed vibe plus it’s very long-lasting so if you are really sweating this fragrance will help you out in keeping your body scent fresh. One of the reasons young men chose this is because of its affordability.


[wp_progress_bar text=”Scent” pc=”80″ progress_color=”#ce0f69″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Longevity” pc=”70″ progress_color=”#4d7fa8″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Bottle” pc=”80″ progress_color=”#ff5959″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Affordability” pc=”60″ progress_color=”#08be0a”]

3Paco Rabanne Invictus


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Invictus by Paco Rabanne can be categorized as an energetic and youthful fragrance. Suits best for extroverted people and those who want to be the center of attention. This scent gives you a very confident and outgoing vibe and because of the very strong scent people will notice your smell, if you are young and energetic this cologne is the right scent for you.

Best for when you want to go out for parties, clubs or maybe you are on holiday. This scent will help you get noticed in a crowd and will make you unique and different than others. That said, it does not mean you can only use it when you are out there partying but this can be used in any formal setting.

One of the reasons it’s famous among young men is because of its versatility. You can wear this scent anywhere you want; it really gives off a youthful vibe. Make sure to never wear this in your job interview as it has a strong scent it might get a little unfortunate there.

So at the start, this cologne smells very aquatic and bubblegum but after some time when it dries smell becomes synthetic.

During summer and spring, it will smell pleasant while in cold days the sweet bubblegum will shine. it’s an all-year fragrance. One of the best advantages of this cologne is its longevity therefore we have named this fragrance as beast cologne since it lasts almost all day and it will be noticed even after a few days.


[wp_progress_bar text=”Scent” pc=”80″ progress_color=”#ce0f69″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Longevity” pc=”100″ progress_color=”#4d7fa8″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Bottle” pc=”70″ progress_color=”#ff5959″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Affordability” pc=”70″ progress_color=”#08be0a”]

4Versace Eros

Versace Eros

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Versace Eros will make your women wild with its scent. This fragrance is a perfect mix of sweet and salty notes that will delight you as well as her senses. The reason its scent is masculine and refreshing is because of the mixture of mint, tonka bean, amber, vanilla and oakmoss.

Versace Eros can be described in two words: bold and sexy. You after wearing this cologne can drive your lady crazy. Its fragrance is sweet yet salty which will give a delightful vibe to both you and your partner. This scent is supposed to awake passion. if you want to stand out and get compliments then you should defiantly try his fragrance out. Young guys who are energetic and outgoing should use it.

If you spray this godly fragrance, you will immediately get hot of freshness. At the start the cologne smells is minty but after sometime develops into sweet and seductive. One of the reasons for its popularity is its performance which makes this the best fragrance for the club, just a few spry and you will get through the whole day.

One thing to be careful about is not too spry too much it might come too strong but if you spray the right amount, you and others around you will feel good whole day and night. Not only that the bottle it comes in is very stylish and sleek not to mention that it has one of the best bottle designs. Versace Eros is a monster. After using it you will feel bold, attractive, and phenomenal. You will able to pull it off correctly if you are young below the 30s. Men between the age of 20 to 30 can use it.


[wp_progress_bar text=”Scent” pc=”70″ progress_color=”#ce0f69″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Longevity” pc=”80″ progress_color=”#4d7fa8″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Bottle” pc=”100″ progress_color=”#ff5959″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Affordability” pc=”80″ progress_color=”#08be0a”]

5Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct

Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct

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This fragrance is one of the best cologne out there for teenagers and young men. If you are a young man looking for a cologne that smells young, sexy, and attractive and which girls love the smell on younger guys and which is affordable, makes you outliner then First Instinct is the right cologne for you.

It is very versatile which can be worn in college, informal meetings, or on a nice date as well. It lasts long and you get noticed without giving off a very strong scent to others. This is a perfect and great fragrance for a young guy. Anyone looking to step up their game and smell good while not the breaking bank should defiantly consider this one.

This bottle hardy cost you around $30 but your ROI is much greater than this. It smells sexy which is perfect for young men. You will get confidence and will have this positive vibe. His moment you buy it and smell this scent you will exactly know what we are talking about. There is a reason why women tend to gravitate to someone wearing this cologne.

We received many compliments for this cologne from women as they loved it and mentioned that they would love to see this cologne on young men. Therefore this is a perfect affordable cologne for you. Do give it a try and you will feel fresh, clean and other girls will notice you. You will be an outliner from the crowd since you will feel a fresh youthful scent.


[wp_progress_bar text=”Scent” pc=”80″ progress_color=”#ce0f69″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Longevity” pc=”60″ progress_color=”#4d7fa8″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Bottle” pc=”70″ progress_color=”#ff5959″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Affordability” pc=”90″ progress_color=”#08be0a”]

6Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

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This cologne is absolutely marvelous and classic. It has a very sweet and masculine scent. In the community of fragrance, this cologne is a legend. It’s been 20 years this fragrance is out and to this day its sells like it’s a new edition to fragrance community. It is super popular and is still rocking with its extraordinary scent.

If you wear this today you will get compliments left and right which is a good thing. Because of its masculine scent women love it and are obsessed with it. You can call this one as knee-weakening. La Male is giving off a very seductive type of vibe. Whenever you spray this on your skin you get vanilla and tonka bean scent which exactly what it smells like. Everything about this cologne is great.

Let’s start with their iconic design of the bottle which is in fact very unique and different. The only thing where it lacks is performance. When it came out 20 years ago it had a good strong scent and used to be beast but over the year it has gone weak. You have to apply again and again to get it noticed. However, there is another new version of this scent, which is a better choice for you if you are looking for better-performing cologne but it has its own drawbacks. Even though they both are quite similar but they are not the same.

To sum it up Le Male is more versatile and to be honest, is more suitable for the young guys looking for a sweet yet good scent.

Le Male is a little more versatile and low-key, which makes it more suitable for younger guys. Nothing really can go wrong with this fragrance.


[wp_progress_bar text=”Scent” pc=”80″ progress_color=”#ce0f69″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Longevity” pc=”50″ progress_color=”#4d7fa8″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Bottle” pc=”80″ progress_color=”#ff5959″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Affordability” pc=”80″ progress_color=”#08be0a”]

7Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme

Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme

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Chanel Allure Eau Extreme is considered to be the premium fragrance for men. If you are looking for a fresh appealing scent that can attract people and blow their mind then this is the right cologne for you. All in one, it’s a masterpiece. It is fantastic in every way. After applying it you get this pleasing, phenomenal yet attractive and unique smell. Its performance is good and lasts forever and you will be noticed if you want to be. Surely you will bet ladies’ attention and they will give you a great compliment.

You will feel premium after wearing it. This is one confidence booster. This takes you to the next level the amount of confidence you get after wearing it is just mind-blowing. However, it comes with a downside which is the price. But do not consider it as overpriced since the ROI is much greater. Therefore young men in their early 20 having not so much source of income are not recommended to buy this since it is costly. It is considered t be one of the best premium fragrances for men under 30.


[wp_progress_bar text=”Scent” pc=”90″ progress_color=”#ce0f69″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Longevity” pc=”80″ progress_color=”#4d7fa8″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Bottle” pc=”80″ progress_color=”#ff5959″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Affordability” pc=”50″ progress_color=”#08be0a”]

8Versace Dylan Blue

Versace Dylan Blue

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Versace Dylan Blue is one of the best all-rounder fragrances for men under the age of 30. This cologne has it all. It is sexy and sweet but spicy at the same time. It gives off god scent in spring and summer but in fall and winter, it works very well.

You can rock at any type of occasion after wearing this cologne. It does not matter if it’s an office or launch with friends it will work as well informal setting as it does in parties. You can wear it to the office in the morning and in the evening at parties’ works perfectly in both situations. After wearing it chances are you will be the only person who will smell good.

In a nutshell, Versace Dylan is simply a super versatile fragrance. It is an all-rounder. Nothing goes wrong with this cologne. To describe the scent of this fragrance, imagine clean, fresh yet shower gel which is mixed with spiciness and sweetness. The best thing about this cologne is that it develops it is not a stagnant fragrance. It takes you to the fragrance ride. Performance is also very good for this scent.

You get to have more than 10 hours of longevity out of this cologne, if not less. It is a mass pleaser which means a lot of people enjoy it and it appeals to them, therefore, you will get many compliments which is a good thing. One of the good things about it is that it is affordable so it would not be a burden for young men to buy this. Just wear it on any occasion you like since it’s versatile you will smell good. All the young men out there, will not get disappointed after using it.


[wp_progress_bar text=”Scent” pc=”90″ progress_color=”#ce0f69″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Longevity” pc=”90″ progress_color=”#4d7fa8″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Bottle” pc=”60″ progress_color=”#ff5959″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Affordability” pc=”80″ progress_color=”#08be0a”]

9Paco Rabanne One Million

Paco Rabanne One Million

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You will smell like one million just once wear Paco Rabanne One million. Its bottle is in the shape of a bar of gold. It smells sexy, phenomenal, and expensive. This cologne is super popular among every age of the group and is one of the bestselling fragrances. Paco Rabanne One Million smells unbelievable, delicious, luxurious, and masculine at the same time.

With this cologne, you are going to get a lot of compliments from the opposite gender. Nowadays it smells synthetic which not the case was before though it is not a bad thing. Because of its being synthetic it has become stronger and performance is also improved. Even though it smells synthetic at begging but after it dry’s off it gives off the best scent ever. This fragrance can be considered as truly phenomenal. It is mass pleasing and ladies have to smell it. Get ready to get tons of compliments. You can consider it beastly because of its performance and strength.

You can get easily though your day with One million. It works like magic on clubs and parties. This is why it is a long-lasting, best fragrance for young people. This is 10 years of fragrance so when your peers will wear the same new fragrance this will give off a new wave of freshness which on one would have smelled since it was the pick of the generation born before you.

To conclude it off, you really cannot go wrong with One Million. If you looking for a strong scent that has super performance and smells heavenly. Just go for one million and you will be not disappoint.


[wp_progress_bar text=”Scent” pc=”80″ progress_color=”#ce0f69″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Longevity” pc=”80″ progress_color=”#4d7fa8″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Bottle” pc=”60″ progress_color=”#ff5959″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Affordability” pc=”70″ progress_color=”#08be0a”]

10Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme

Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme

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Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme can be considered as one of the best daytime cologne for young men. Its timeless classic since it has such an uplifting and positive smell that makes everyone pleasant. It gives off a clean, fresh, alluring, and attractive smell that everyone loves. The reason it makes perfect daytime best fragrance is that it is so inoffensive. On one gets offended by the smell of L’Homme. People encountered by this cologne are in a better mood than before.

It makes a perfect match if you are going on a brunch or going to school just your regular daytime activities, this will make you fresh and in a happy mood. Since it has a very light scent you should apply more on yourself since because of its reformulation it has gone weak and does not perform very well. But the scent is king and will be for a long time. It is modern-day classic cologne perfect to wear in the daytime, socially for young men this will keep you fresh throughout the day.


[wp_progress_bar text=”Scent” pc=”90″ progress_color=”#ce0f69″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Longevity” pc=”90″ progress_color=”#4d7fa8″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Bottle” pc=”70″ progress_color=”#ff5959″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Affordability” pc=”70″ progress_color=”#08be0a”]

11CK One

CK One

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CK One is the best budget-friendly cologne out there. It is just a timeless classic fragrance, which has shaped the 1900s and revalorized the fragrance industry. Back in the days, everyone used to wear it and even now many young men prefer it. The reason is simple. It has a fresh and citrus scent that everyone loves.

This smells makes everyone struck to them and forces them to buy it. Any young man who wants to get compliments should start wearing this cologne. The reason why young men prefer it is because of its affordability and it gives a very youthful yet energetic vibe. To be honest this one might be one of the cheapest scents for young men and gives the best return on investment. It lasts long which is also a great thing about it since it comes in a big bottle which is 200ml.

It’s a great choice and smells freaking good. This is a must-have for every young man out there since you will not able to find any good cologne at this price which lasts this long.


[wp_progress_bar text=”Scent” pc=”90″ progress_color=”#ce0f69″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Longevity” pc=”80″ progress_color=”#4d7fa8″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Bottle” pc=”100″ progress_color=”#ff5959″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Affordability” pc=”90″ progress_color=”#08be0a”]

12Montblanc Individuel

Montblanc Individuel

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This is another hidden gem in the community of colognes. Montblanc Individuel is considered to be one of the sweetest fragrances of all time and by sweet like we mean it. It smells powdery and sweet when it dries down it becomes less sweet and gives off more like a fresh scent

Another great thing about this cologne is its super affordability. If you are looking for cheap yet good cologne at an affordable price this is your cologne to go. And we promise it will not let you down especially if you are more it too sweet-smelling scents.

Overall speaking, it performs really well and will get you through the whole day f office or school without a problem. Though it is not the strongest of scents it is neither weak. It has a perfect balance. Therefore we can conclude by saying that Mont Blanc can stand at the top as one of the best sweet smelling cologne for young men.


[wp_progress_bar text=”Scent” pc=”90″ progress_color=”#ce0f69″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Longevity” pc=”80″ progress_color=”#4d7fa8″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Bottle” pc=”80″ progress_color=”#ff5959″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Affordability” pc=”90″ progress_color=”#08be0a”]

13Gianni Versace Blue Jeans

Gianni Versace Blue Jeans

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Blue jeans were one of the first creation and mega success under the Gianni Versace brand and were released in 1992. Soon after its success, Red Jeans came out. This fragrance is fresh and clean. This scent gives off simple and chill vibes. It has basil, anise and woodsy palisade that relax you. This classic smell having lavender vanilla touch has made many men its fan. It is a really good winter and fall fragrance that can be worn n day and night.

Though it is a versatile scent do see it projects on your skin. Old generations have said that new blue jeans do not have that scent or performance that old blue jeans used to have. Because of its combination of scents, the cologne has timeless attraction wit young men. It contains lavender, carnations, roses, and sage. As it sinks into the base. Cedar is allowed to rise to the surface and create an almost perfect youthful scent.


[wp_progress_bar text=”Scent” pc=”80″ progress_color=”#ce0f69″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Longevity” pc=”80″ progress_color=”#4d7fa8″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Bottle” pc=”70″ progress_color=”#ff5959″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Affordability” pc=”70″ progress_color=”#08be0a”]

14Giorgio Armani Absolu

Giorgio Armani Absolu

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If you are looking for a fruity, fresh summer scent, stop looking and try out Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Absolu.

Giorgio Armani has a fresh, fruity summer scent and this is what it’s famous for. If you know anything about the world of fragrance then you must hear about this one. Fragrance by Giorgio Armani is well known and is famous and we can bet that you have smelled wither on your friends or your dad before it is so common and mainstream. However, this one is different and does not smell like the rest of them. It has very little resemblance to the Acqua Di Gio line. So here comes the question of what is the difference and why it is best for young men.

While the other Acqua Di Gio fragrances give off mature and masculine fragrance this gives off a very youthful vibe. It suits best for young men and has similarities with the Linctus line that we revived above but this is fruitier and is less synthetic. Moreover are projected nicely yet very strong hence you will be noticed and will get many compliments wearing them. We can conclude by saying that this is one of the best and fresh colognes out there for young men who are affordable too.


[wp_progress_bar text=”Scent” pc=”80″ progress_color=”#ce0f69″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Longevity” pc=”80″ progress_color=”#4d7fa8″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Bottle” pc=”50″ progress_color=”#ff5959″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Affordability” pc=”80″ progress_color=”#08be0a”]

15Hollister wave Eau De Toilette

Hollister Eau De Toilette

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Hollister was launched in 2006, has a woodsy aromatic fragrance. It contains those ingredients that you will find in any of the Hollister perfumes. This brand started its fragrance line in 2011, very recently. There have been more editions to their line, in total there are 37 perfumes.

This one is fresh, clean yet simple and it becomes certain the way it transitions into the different levels when it opens it opens up. How does it smell? Well when grapefruit sways over with a little hint of yuzu, you are met with a fragrance that actually feels natural which is not offensive to the nose. Without a doubt, it is really a nice fragrance that carries a fresh vibe without feeling naive.

The best time to use this fragrance in the summer and spring season when you want to feel fresh without getting pungent. It is a perfect match for adventures and young men out there. For this price, you do not really expect such a well-blended fragrance however its performance is not something to look for and does not comes up to the mark. It does not go a very long time and as much as it lasts, it’s worth every cent. This is the best cologne for young men. This fragrance has smell awesome.


[wp_progress_bar text=”Scent” pc=”80″ progress_color=”#ce0f69″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Longevity” pc=”70″ progress_color=”#4d7fa8″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Bottle” pc=”70″ progress_color=”#ff5959″] [wp_progress_bar text=”Affordability” pc=”80″ progress_color=”#08be0a”]

Buying Guide to Choosing the Best Cologne for Teen Boys

All the cologne mentioned above is enlisted after the standard quality check. However, every one of us has a different taste. Especially a teenager who has a distinctive taste. 

Therefore, it is ideal to go through the following points to ensure that you get the Best Cologne for teenage guys.


The notes of any cologne have a major role to play. There are three basic notes such as base, middle and top notes. Carefully go through the notes of the chosen cologne to make sure that your purchase is worthy. 


Although cologne lasts less than perfumes, many teenagers prefer cologne for all the right reasons. However, before the purchase, see the long lasting effects of the cologne. 

Most of the Best cologne for teens last for 4-6 hours. Nevertheless, the list includes plenty that lasts longer than that. It solely depends on your requirement.


Consistency is one of the main factors to consider here. You surely do not want to purchase a watery cologne or one that is only alcohol. Hence, it is better to see before than to regret later. 


The quantity differs as per choice. It is recommended that if you want to test a cologne, do not buy more than a 100ml bottle. On the other hand, for traveling, a 20ml would do the trick.

Before the purchase, it is better that you are well aware of your needs. 


The price of these Best Cologne for teen boys fluctuates dramatically. You can also find a cologne under $10, whereas some do not cost less than $100.

However, I suggest that you never associate the quality with the price. 

Nevertheless, the famous brands are quite expensive and recognized worldwide. Therefore, you can choose the one according to your budget or brand’s choice. 


The design also plays a major role. We need to ensure that our Best cologne for teens does not leak because of its design or whatsoever. Therefore, see the product’s image before buying, particularly when buying it for a gift. Undeniably some of the bottle’s design is so dull that one would not like to put it on their dresser. Especially if you plan to keep the cologne in your backpack, it is essential to analyze the bottle’s design.

It is your choice at the end of the day, and any cologne from above will not disappoint you as far as you are familiar with the notes.


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