Best Burberry Perfume for Women that Smells are Wonderful

best burberry perfumes for women

Perfumes play a significant role in making your expression, be it a formal or casual gathering. Therefore the best Burberry perfume is here to ensure that you smell brilliant wherever you go.

All the perfumes listed below have gone through a proper quality check. Not just that, these top Burberry perfumes for women have high ratings and great pleasing reviews.

Best Burberry Perfume for Women

1Burberry Weekend Eau De Parfum for Women

It comes in a 29ml size. The price is moderate, considering that you are ready to smell excellent and distinctive. In addition to this, the perfume is recognized worldwide.

If you were looking for the Burberry perfume for her as a gift, the addition of vanilla is enough to make the decision. Moreover, there are citrus notes that would help to get rid of the foul odor.

It is ideal for women who are ready to make the table turn with the exclusive wild fragrance as it uses wild roses that are distinctive and make a great smell. Moreover, it goes for the whole year. However, if you want to be particular, I would suggest you wear it on intimidate nights.

Nevertheless, the Amazon reviews show that 83% of the women are happy with the purchase. However, there is some complaint about longevity. Nonetheless, if you spray it on your wrist and neck, the results will be different.

  • Everyone asks what you are wearing
  • Distinctive fragrance
  • It makes an ideal present
  • Some might think of it as a costly purchase

2Burberry Brit For Her

It comes in a 50ml size; the price is a little higher. However, it worths every penny. Besides that, you can go for a smaller size as well.

Among the other best Burberry perfume, this one has got quite recognized worldwide for all the right reasons. One of the ultimate reasons to have this perfume is warming notes.

When it comes to the best Burberry scents for ladies, it is essential to know about the notes. Among the many notes, the inclusion of the Italian lime is famous.

Once you apply the perfume, the multiple top, heart, and endnotes come out as a smooth blend. Nonetheless, if you are bold enough to try out the sugar and spice blend, this best Burberry perfume is ready to accompany you.

Remember that this is romantic wear; however, a woman like you can carry it at any time of the year. Nevertheless, it is one of the highest-rated perfume.

  • The smell is not overwhelming
  • Easy to use
  • Blends of sugar and spice
  • The design is not very admired

3BURBERRY London Eau De Parfum for Women

It comes in a 97ml size. Among the other high-rated Burberry perfumes for ladies, this is an excellent deal as the price is fair with the size. Undeniably, you might find different scents for lesser prices, but it will be a little expensive as far as it is Burberry.

One of the reasons is the unique fusion of the notes. Such as the honeysuckle, which is not used by many brands, comes in this perfume. Moreover, it is a top note; hence the fragrance is what your men will fall.

Nonetheless, floral is one of the most critical and common notes in every perfume. But this Burberry perfume ensures that it remains distinctive and therefore used the Tiare flower.

Note that if you are ready to impress your man, then this is it. The accords will neither throw you off, nor will they make you stand behind. Besides the 91% admiring rating on Amazon, it is your choice.

  • Lasts longer
  • It gets you a lot of compliments
  • It goes a long time
  • Moderate packaging

4BURBERRY Women’s Classic Eau de Parfum

It comes in a 29ml size. In the best Burberry perfume list, you can find the same size at a lower price. However, we must not ignore the fact that every fragrance has its characteristics.

Among the other noticeable traits of perfume, one of the most critical is the blending of the main accords. For the price you are about to pay, you will have the essential warm notes. This best smelling Burberry perfume will go for cozy nights and fresh spring and summer.

Nonetheless, the vanilla note will help you look more seductive. In addition to that, if you are going on a date or do not want your man to forget your smell, this is what you need to wear.

Moreover, the top notes are a fusion of fruits that complements the playful nature. Although the price is a little higher, I highly recommend it as it is one of such scents that goes for all year long.

  • Highest rated perfume
  • Recognized worldwide
  • Perfect concentration
  • Price seems a little higher to some

5BURBERRY Touch Eau De Parfum for Women

It will be a classic addition to your Burberry perfume for women collection. Besides that, it comes in a 100ml size, and the price is affordable, especially when you compare it to the best Burberry fragrances.

Moreover, if you have a personality that prefers good smell and admires styling, then these perfumes will look great on your dressing. In addition to that, it has this perfect blend of notes, particularly the top notes. It uses the blackcurrant, which is famous for its origin in Europe.

Moreover, the Jasmine in the middle note is ready to take you on trips of fantasies. After knowing the notes, you would have to drive the conclusion, and gladly, you are not wrong. It is a romantic wear.

For such cuddly evenings and fresh mornings, this top Burberry perfume will help you look elegant.

  • Excellent bottle’s design
  • The perfect blending of notes
  • Ideal for the whole year
  • Not suitable if you do not admire the powdery scent


It comes in a 90ml size, which is enough to go a long way if used properly. In addition to that, if you had been looking for the best perfume that would go easy on your pocket, you might need to end your search right here.

Unlike the many Burberry scents for women, it uses sweet pea as its accord. Not just that, it also includes bergamot, golden quince, freesia, patchouli, rain-tipped damask, centifolia roses to smell distinctive. Moreover, these notes, when coming together, a perfect fusion has been made, which ensures that every note balances equally.

In addition to that, these accords make a complete mood. Therefore, if you want to use it on your office days, you can find yourself in a good mood. Moreover, it is famous for getting plenty of compliments; hence be ready to get a lot of these if you put this perfume in your cart.

This Burberry perfume review shows a high level of satisfaction and admiration for being an elegant scent.

  • Suitable and elegant wear
  • Comprises of unique notes
  • Men prefer it on women
  • Distinctive notes don’t suit every taste

7BURBERRY Body Eau De Parfum for Women

It comes in a 59ml size. Ever since 2017, it has got quite a reputation among both men and women. If you want to get the best Burberry perfume for ladies that men love, this Body perfume will make winders.

Moreover, the price is acceptable for the compliments you are about the get. The ultimate blend of notes is ideal for representing your famine fragrance. Especially for perfect job wear, this Burberry is what everyone is going to talk about.

Although it is formal wear and you can enjoy it on special occasions. However, it has blends of citrus and florals that will help you smell good even in the scorching heat of summer. Nonetheless, it is your choice, but it goes for the whole year long. More to that fragrance, it has excellent packaging. So if you go out a lot, you will like to have this in your bag without the worry of leakage.

  • Admirable packaging
  • Easy to carry in your bag
  • Enhances elegance
  • As it released in 2017 may not be suitable if you are looking for the latest Burberry

8BURBERRY Touch Eau De Parfum for Women

If you are looking for the best smelling Burberry perfume that is cheap, this perfume is ready to be on your dressing. In addition to that, the size is enough to go for a long time. Nonetheless, the life of a perfume highly depends on the frequency of usage.

Moreover, this perfume lasts longer compared to a few in the list of the high quality Burberry perfume. You can give it a try for the exclusive notes and concentration. Among the other distinctive notes, it uses the oakmoss that increases the activeness. Besides that, it also features the vanilla that would help you make it seductive.

In addition to that, this brand chooses accords with great attention and passes it through a critical standard. Therefore, the warm notes will be gentle on your skin.

  • Blends with the chemistry of the skin
  • Fully balanced concentration
  • Goes for intimidate gatherings
  • The cedar scent is very low

9BURBERRY The Beat for Women

It comes in excellent packaging with a 50ml bottle. The price is moderate with the other best Burberry perfume. In addition to that, it has notes that go for women of every age. Hence, you might have to stop if you were to find out the best Burberry perfume for her.

Women like it for the notes such as bergamot, cardamom, pink pepper, and mandarin Heart notes of Ceylon tea, iris, and bluebell. Besides that, the white musk is what they usually can not resist. What is more, it is time to unveil one of the most distinctive features: concentration.

You can smell way too much alcohol with some perfumes, but there is everything with a smooth blend and adequate concentration. However, the design is not very much admired. There have been complaints that the perfume might leak if placed unproperly.

  • Enhances seductiveness
  • Fine blending and smell
  • Balanced concentration
  • The bottle’s design is not appreciated


If you are ready to have the perfect fragrance, you might have to spend some dollars and get this top-rated Burberry perfume. Among the Burberry, perfume review has quote high ratings, and the satisfaction rate is high above the standards.

Although it is price note that you will have a long-lasting scent that would blend with your body’s chemistry. Not just that, the aroma will be subtle, yet everyone around will be able to feel the distinctiveness.

Moreover, it uses the crisp apple note that enhances a good mood and is unique. Besides these notes, it comes with jasmine that makes it an ideal wear for intimidating nights and special occasions. Nonetheless, it goes best in summers too.

This best smelling Burberry perfume is ready to be in your cart; however, if you still hadn’t made your mind, then know that it will be a sparkling addition to your collection.

  • Exclusive blends of floral
  • Warm and high notes
  • Beautiful bottle
  • The rose note may not go with women under 30s

What To See In The Best Burberry Perfume For Women?

Although the perfumes are all about good smell, however, if we dig a little deeper, we can see that the fragrances have a lot more to play, mostly when it comes to mood. Therefore, it is better to do a complete analysis to get the best smelling Burberry perfume.

Time to Wear

As the perfume is made using different accords, it has different times to smell best. Therefore, before getting your perfume to realize the occasions, you plan to wear it, especially for romantic wear and casual wear.

Usually, some perfumes go for formal and romantic wear, but sometimes some scents would not go for a formal gathering.

Besides the occasions, not all the ultimate Burberry perfume for her will go for the whole year. Some of these are good for the winter, while the top Burberry perfume for ladies is ideal for summer. It is best to know it before then to wear it at the wrong time of the year.

Blends of notes

The notes play a significant role; however, their blend is essential to ensure that you smell good. Remember, if the notes are not appropriately infused, you will either smell one note or neither.

All the best Burberry perfume on the list includes distinctive notes, and the blending is appropriately done. Therefore, the fragrance will be smooth.


As some include high notes of floral while others have a texture of wood, choose one according to your taste and preference. See the notes thoroughly to observe which one will go with your body.

Also, you can see if the floral is on the top or base note; in this way, you can choose a perfect smelling perfume.


Consistency is another critical trait. Remember, if you have a perfume with a low texture, it will not last long. In addition to that, it will take time to dry and may stain your clothes.

Therefore, among all the other characteristics of the Burberry perfumes, one shouldn’t ignore the consistency.


An all-time favorite and the best Burberry perfume are mentioned in the list above. It is your choice of notes that will decide the final fragrance. Also, it highly depends on your budget. If you wonder which Burberry perfume smells best, then I recommend you to try the BURBERRY Touch.

It has a distinctive odor and goes a long way.

Nevertheless, go through the description before finalizing your perfume. Besides that, there are romantic wears that will suit you best on intimidate nights. Choose a casual or formal scent as you like.

Which scent do you like men on women?

There are countless scents in the market that men prefer on their women. Moreover, the choice differs according to the taste. However, we have observed that men prefer jasmine to women.

Among the many floral they do not like a natural rose as to men its fragrance is suitable for old ladies.

Why is Burberry so expensive?

Burberry perfumes are recognized worldwide. Not just that, these perfumes use distinctive notes to stand out in the market. Also, they guarantee high quality and the same fragrance as advertised.

Which Burberry perfume smells best?

All the Burberry are distinctive in their smell, and the Amazon reviews show high appreciation for their fragrances. Therefore, you can choose the best Burberry perfume according to your taste and liking.


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