Best Juicy Couture Perfume that Women Love 2023

Best Juicy Couture Perfumes

In today’s time, this brand offers a wide range of clothes and accessories that includes handbags, swimwear, sunglasses, and fragrances. Liz Claiborne after purchasing this company released a line of perfumes. To this day this line has more than 40 perfumes to its brand name and people consider them a well-known established company. Although many perfumes produced by the wonderful good but not all these scents are accepted by people. Today we are talking about the best juicy couture perfume in this article. You can choose according to your choice.

This is why we have made a list below which will review the top 10 best juicy couture perfumes. These perfumes are based on what people reviewed and overall performance. Just make sure to buy that which is according to your need not all of them will appeal to you.

Best Juicy Couture Perfumes in 2023

Some might be good to you while some do not so go through all of this and let us know in a comment which one you like and why. All are very different yet special from each other. Every scent has its own pros and cons. One might be good for others but not for you. The only way is to try them on. Some women even prefer more natural options such as homemade essential oil perfumes. You can read more about it on

1Viva La Juicy

Viva La Juicy

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Viva La Juicy fragrance launched in 2016, having a fruity yet floral scent which is hard to resist.

Though from the name of this perfume it seems kind of juicy. Believes us it is more like a blend of fruity and floral notes. It has wonderful notes of berries with a little touch of the citrus smell of orange and includes gardenia, honeysuckle, and jasmine at top notes. At base, it has a sweet scent that contains sandalwood, vanilla, amber, and caramel. This combination blends well and has a bit of sillage which smells great.

To be honest, it does not have good longevity, this juicy couture perfume can last up to four to six-hour with a single spray but starts strong. It evolves into skin scent quick but its sillage is soft. That said it is a perfect female perfume. You can wear on warm days and also in winters but it shines in bitter days of winter but can melt on hot days. It can excite your emotions and make you feel happy and woozy whenever they wear it. Fresh bake cookies are what many people said what its base notes smell like. The best part of it is that you can wear Viva La juicy on any occasion.

Either you are going for shopping with friends are at work it’s perfect wherever you go. This fragrance can is as a sweet gourmand type of fragrance that has a sugary creamy candy vibe. It opens with citrus top notes to go with vanilla and caramel aroma. A perfect mix to set your mood right. It opens with a sweet and girlish vibe Viva La Juicy drays down and then floral notes emerge and become is softer when it reaches the base where you tend to smell sandalwood and musk which just boosts the composition.

2Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Gold

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Gold

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In 2008, juicy couture launched its first perfumes and right after that, they got few reviews all over the globe. So in 2014, Blanc designed something new which he named the golden combination of notes. The top notes open up with luscious berries while the middle notes were jasmine and honeysuckle. After a few times with base notes of caramel, sandalwood, and vanilla it settles down.

It is warm, sweet yet exciting. The main accord includes caramel, vanilla, woody, floral, and fruity. This couture is a winter fragrance that is usable at any time of the day. It can last around 4 to 6 hours by one dab because its sillage is heavy it will become overwhelming to use it on warm days. This will make an impact on your peers and make you feel good about yourself.

As mentioned earlier it was introduced in 2014 and since then it is been quite popular. Perfumer Honoric Blanc made it and made sure it has moderate longevity so it can accompany a person throughout the day. It has a combination of different notes which make this fragrance special among its users. The soothing fresh feeling after spraying on one’s skin is mesmerizing.

3Viva La Juicy Rose

Viva La Juicy Rose

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This fragrance is in a pink glittery bottle with a simple bow on it. It has a pink pendant. It looks like this perfume is made to make a statement. The first bottle came out in 2008, which means it has been out for quite some time and has gotten women’s attention. It has become a successor to the discontinued Viva La juicy. Well, this perfume is ready to make war with anyone having doubts about Juicy couture.

Top notes include pear, jasmine, and mandarin orange. Peony and rose as middle notes and settles with the scent of orris at the bottom. Many do not prefer it but to this day it has its unique following who just love to wear this perfume. It is for young and adventurous females who love the color pink.

It has good longevity which means it can stay on for six good hours. So we can say that it has a powerful performance. Its sillage is moderate but people will notice you once you walk past them or you sit with them as a group. You can consider this as perfect summer perfume and you should consider it a go-to choice in spring. As mentioned before main important accords include rose, fresh, floral, and citrus which gives this perfume its unique smell.

4I Am Juicy Couture

I Am Juicy Couture

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I Am Juicy couture perfume does not get good marks for its name but you cannot overlook the quality of this fragrance. This is by Dora for the millennial. Top notes include passion fruit, raspberry, and pomelo which gives off heart notes of rose, sweet pea, and gardenia.

After it, the base notes come which include amber, soft musk, and warm wood. Main accords include sweet, white floral, tropical, citrus, and fresh. I AM juicy couture perfume released in 2015 which gives off a mature aroma that suits women age 27 to 38. You can consider these perfumes more suitable for mature ladies out there.

In terms of performance, it is no longevity beast. It lasts for only 6 hours on a single spray. Since its sillage is moderate that’s why single spray is enough to blast through the room. In this way, you can make others realize that you smell good. Well, people will notice you once you enter a room or walk past them. Moderate sillage makes this fragrance might be a little overwhelming on hot days. The best time to wear it is in winter and autumn.

This is perfect for those women who live and die for Juicy Couture and wanting more of it. Juicy Couture declared 2015 year as “it” Girl. To make this occasion memorable they unveiled a new fragrance, I AM juicy couture. Declared Behati as its brand ambassador and face of it. The main motto of this perfume is that it invokes the glamorous rebel that exists in every girl.

5Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Sucre

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Sucre

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In 2016, Viva La Juicy Sucre launched. It is hard to resist this fruity-floral fragrance. It has open notes of mandarin orange, currant, and gardenia after it moves to heart notes of peach, jasmine, almond cream, and blossom. Right after that t gives off a base note of sandalwood, vanilla, cacao, and cream.

Its main accords are sweet, cacao, milky, vanilla, and fruity. It terms of performance it is not as good as it has a decent performance of four to six hours on a single spray, it is not a longevity beast. It has soft sillage that’s why it evolves into the skin quicker. It is a super perfume for females to use on the perfect warm sunny day and in winter.

Viva La Juicy Sucre can invoke emotions women have reported the feeling of happiness and satisfaction after using it. Talking about the bottle, it’s so cute and reminiscent of what you expect this to smell like. The bottle comes in a faux foil paper that is on a cupcake. It gives off a sweet and cake type of vibe and becomes warmer as its dry down. And after drying out it gives warm notes of vanilla. It is the best juicy couture perfume that women used mostly.

We have read many reviews of this perfume and many women have mentioned that it remained them of ARI by Alana but these fragrances much sweeter than other original Viva La Juicy fragrance. It resembles more like a cupcake ARI is more like cotton candy so there is a minor difference between them.

At first spray, you will get this sweet hit of mandarin orange and red currant. After drying out and settle it gives off vanilla. If sweet floral is something you like and adore this will not disappoint you and it feels like walking into the garden and sprinkling juice and sugar from cherries all over the flowers. If this fragrance is not sweet enough for you then I guess nothing can make you fulfilled. It takes sugar and sweetness to the next level.

6OUI Juicy Couture for Women

OUI Juicy Couture for Women

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This excellent and rich woman fragrance will make you say OUI as it burst to give off freshness. Whether you are looking to gift someone or looking for your new scent, this will fascinate you with its fresh out of the box fragrance.

In the world of Juicy Fragrance, just say OUI to this fragrance from Juicy couture. You will get hooked right from the start with its freshness as it has a mixture of fresh watermelon and lemon with a special watermelon note. The duo of tuberose and jasmine makes you feel addicted to this.

Just be ready for addictive energy that is unstoppable and unstable. After using it once you’re craving for perfume will reach a new level. As we waited a whole week for OUI to reach us. The way we waited, we must mention that we do not do this with every fragrance. But juicy couture with its sugar-sweet fragrance is appealing to hearts.

They have mastered the art of enriching other people’s hearts through their perfumes.
The wonderful opening note of OUI is watermelon and acai which puts you in a good mood. The way two scents mixes and give off scent just breathes freshness and a good mood.

When it transforms into the base, the amber fights its way of the forefront. But its gentle and does not mingle with other scents. At this stage, it develops a creaminess, amber, and woods to keep its sweetness in check without becoming it tart.

Let’s talk about its bottle, Juicy couture has come up with the new shape, and it outranks every other bottle of juicy couture when it comes to the showcase of bottles.

7Juicy Couture Malibu for Women

Juicy Couture La La Malibu Eau de Toilette Spray

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Juicy Couture Malibu has notes of mandarin oranges and passion fruit, green apple and watermelon, and black currant. It has heart notes that have bouquets of scents which include tuberose, wild rose, and when it settles. It smells like pacific wood and musk in the base note.

It is a sparkling perfume that will match your dazzling choice It’s joyful and helps you shine your inner confidence. This perfume is a refreshing blend of tangerine, green apple, summer fruit, and watermelon. Its base note gives off woods and musk. You just cannot be in a bad mood after this fragrance it’s an uplifting scent.

You can enhance your environment with this combination of sugar and musk from juicy couture’s Malibu perfume. Its scent emphasizes your feminine sweetness. It helps you with your confidence whether you are hanging at your office or socializing this is a good go for you. Anyone looking for any unique scent that can uplift her confidence and want people to notice her whenever they walk past you then this is your number one scent to go.

8Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy NOIR

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy NOIR

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Viva la juicy Noir personifies dangerous women in a good way. Her eyes are smoky and rouge. She is not sorry and loves to take risks and do get rewarded for that. It highlights berry notes while adding a juicy touch of honeysuckle and a bit hit of sandalwood. Although Noir pink falcon might seem that it might be home to bright with but its warm slow scent reveals darker intentions.

It released in 2013, this perfume is made to bring out the seductive part of a feminist. Its top notes have berries and orange and heart notes have a mix of jasmine, honeysuckle, and gardenia. It has a base note of such a seductive note of caramel, vanilla, and amber. You will leave a long-lasting impression on someone if you wear NOIR. NOIR has its own fan base.

9Couture-Couture by Juicy Couture for Women

Couture-Couture by Juicy Couture for Women

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Couture-Couture Perfume by Juicy Couture came in 2009. It is a perfume of all seasons which can be used during day or night.

The only criticism that Juicy couture received is that most of their perfumes are for the younger generation. But Couture-Couture smells more mature and is for a refined audience. It is a fruity-floral scent that combines with vintage and oldish vibe to produce an out of this world aroma.

Its top notes begin with grapefruit, mandarin orange, and African orange flower. Whereas its heart notes have plum, jasmine, and honeysuckle which give it a unique scent. Base notes have amber, vanilla, and sandalwood. Its main accords are white floral, citrus, and vanilla. When it comes to longevity, it’s moderate and can smell great for up to four hours on the single spray. But it’s versatile and can use at any time of the year and suitable for any occasion.

Even though this perfume’s name might be changed in the future but its fragrance is a perfect mix of fruit and floral notes. Its heart notes are the best of all since because of it this perfume resonates with most people. The reason behind it is that its sweet sugary heart has just the perfect touch of honeysuckle and plum. This is enough to capture anyone’s attention and enchant with your scent.

When we tested this perfume it was smoky plum that filled our air around us which lasted for days. We believe without a doubt that has been changed just like most of the juicy couture lines.

10Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy La FLEUR

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy La FLEUR

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Viva La juicy FLEUR perfume does bring out your inner fun and playful part. Called as jubilant women’s fragrance. This cherry and bright perfume blend with floral and fruity accords to give off a feminine scent. This will make heads turn towards you. Its top notes are ripe red berries; Sweet orange and lily water open the bright tone which cannot be ignored by anyone. Middle notes include jasmine, breezy honeysuckle, and rich gardenia which gets infused with floral.

To top it off the base note is of creamy sandalwood, sweet vanilla, which makes it necessary to have in your closet. This fragrance released in 2012 and was launched by juicy couture a prominent American fashion house. Other than this it has 34 unique scents. All of these are original, unique, and much put of the box.

Introduction of Juicy Couture Company

Juicy Couture Company was found by two friends in late 1997. Gela Nash and Pamela Skaist Leavy were in Pacoima when they started their own fashion brand, so they started selling pants. In 1996, they decided to make their company official Juicy Couture. And right after that, every juicy Couture item had its logo on it.

For marketing, they gave their designs to celebrities. In 2001, they introduced the Juicy tracksuit which Madonna loved. And because of her, it became a trend overnight. This made this bran famous and within no time they made their name around the globe. Till the 2000s they had limited brand locations and in 2003 fifth and pacific companies bought this company. And a new journey started.

How to Apply Best Juicy Couture Perfume?

We’ve got five easy steps you can follow to guarantee your perfumes are good to their last drop.

Don’t rub perfume:

You have seen your mom or dad doing this, dabbing perfume on the wrist and rubbing them. Well, it is not a good way to apply it. The reason you do not rub is that by rubbing the fragrance into your skin the first notes fade and evaporate.

In other words, the notes which cause you to buy that perfumes vanishes right after you apply it. You want your perfume to mix gently and induce your skin. This will make your scent last more. Not only that rubbing causes friction which can make more heat and change the whole chemistry of perfume.

Pulse points:

First of all, know where your pulse points are. It is on your wrists, below your belly and inner elbow, and behind your ear lobes. Pulse points are those where your veins are much close to your skin and you can feel your pulse.

These warm pulse points emit extra warm heat which diffuses scent. Just spray on your pulse points and let it sink into your skin and you start to feel the first notes soon.

Store your perfume Safely:

You know perfumes are taken for granted, but they are precious and some are costly. If you like to take care of your perfume and you are in for surprise. Do not store your perfume where it’s likely to get any interaction with steam for example bathrooms where most people put their fragrances.

Water, humidity, and changing temperature kills the perfume ability and cut short their life similarly contact with any light can do the same. So the best place is to store it in a cool and dark place where the temperature does not often change or you can put in a drawer of yours.

Diffuse it properly:

Do not just concentrate on one place only let your perfume sink into different parts of your body what most people do is that they keep on putting fragrance in one wrong place. Just dab a few on your pulse points and then spray in front of you and walk forward and backward.

This way your whole body will be covered with light scent giving an overall good impression to anyone standing close to you and you feel light freshness from all over the body instead of one place.

Spray your clothes:

The best way to keep your perfume live all day is by just dabbing a little bit on your clothes this is a great trick that you can use but sadly, people do not use it. Just make sure that your clothes are not made up of material that cannot stain like silk.

Perfumes interact differently with fabrics like they interact with skin, so it smells different and lighter. The best way is to spritzing perfume and then waving your clothes around it this will help your clothes get light perfume giving you that wholesome experience that you are looking for. This way the perfume top note will activate giving you good scent.


In conclusion, we would like to say that Juicy Couture is a well-known perfume brand around the globe. And has good standing in the market. They have released many perfumes to this date and made every type of perfume for every woman.

Be it young females are the mature one they have covered it all. They are very quality-focused. They have a research and development department. They experiment with different scents. To give out the most perfect scent for their customers.

Not only that they are famous for giving and producing modern fragrances. They are not so expensive and anyone can buy them. If you are thinking to buy any best juicy couture perfume go through this list. And find any one of the best ten we choose that best suits yourself. We give you this guarantee that you will not be disappointed by them. Do keep reading our blogs for updates. We will be providing more information as new perfumes come.


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