Can You Put Fragrance In A Diffuser?


We all enjoy it when the air is humid, purified, and a little bit fragrant. This is exactly why there are oil diffusers, which besides being practical, also have an aesthetic role in the home.

Many people enjoy a nice smell around them, so in addition to essential oils, they also use fragrant oils. However, even combining several oils can produce a unique and beautiful scent.

To judge what you can use in your diffuser, it is best to follow the instructions on the device itself. In some diffusers you can use perfume oils, in others it is impossible.

When experimenting, you need to be careful. It is best to consider the quality of the diffuser. The more expensive and better quality ones are also more flexible, so it is believed that you can use perfume extracts, dried herbs, spices, and even fresh citrus juice in them.

But we must recommend that you read the warranty carefully because there are devices that can only be used with essential oils and you would lose the warranty if you use anything else.

What types of diffusers are there?


On the market, you can find offers of various diffusers. They come in different sizes, some are portable and some are fixed in a location in the home. We recommend that you take a look at this collection to see how far design and functionality have come.

It will help you choose more easily what exactly you need. But, you also need to know the basic types of diffusers such as:

1. Heat Diffuser

A small lamp that illuminates and heats is most often used. The oils are placed in a small tray, and under the influence of heat, they evaporate and aromatize the air in the room. This type can be used with perfume oils because the tray is physically far from the heat source and there is no possibility of damaging the diffuser.

2. Humidifying Diffuser

It is a device with ultrasonic waves, which breaks down the oil. The fragrant ingredients are diluted with water so that a fragrant vapor can be created. Look at the instructions for use which oils you can use.

3. Nebulizing Diffusers

These diffusers periodically release a scented mist into the room. Use only oils that are compatible with this diffuser. Most often it is sold in a set with selected oils of a certain brand.

4. Evaporative Diffusers

This diffuser uses a small fan to distribute the scented air throughout the room. The oil is placed on an absorbent pad or a tray. You can use any other flavoring ingredient that you personally like.

Can you use only fragrance oils?


If you have a favorite perfume and you want everything around you to smell like it, you can try to find perfume oils that are meant for diffusers. It is interesting that there are perfume brands that produce products for environmental purposes, such as scented candles, diffuser sticks, air fresheners, and even diffuser oils. Other brands, on the other hand, state that the perfume oil is suitable for both skin and environmental use.

Essential oils are an ingredient of perfumes, as well as candles and wax melts. Even if you want to use only perfume oils, you must know the composition well. Chemical, natural and combined ingredients are used.

How to choose a perfume oil for your diffuser?

The process is very simple. Choose the scent you like. Look at the list of ingredients so you can judge the quality.

Most often, fragrance oils have a description of the fragrance notes and the ingredients used. However, also be careful if they are intended for a diffuser. Some are simply marked as not being used for that purpose.

Follow the instructions for using both the oils and the diffuser and it will be really easy to enjoy the wonderful ambiance that will be created in your room.

The measure depends on how much you want the fragrance to be in the room. Sometimes just a few drops are enough, and in other cases, you need to use a little more. Generally, three drops of oil are sufficient for one 100 milliliter canister of distilled water. If you are using oils with a light and fresh scent, you can add more, or if you are using oils with an intense scent, sometimes one drop is enough.

Are essential oils better than perfume oils?


Perfume oils are cheaper because synthetic methods of obtaining them are also used. Essential oils are expectedly more expensive. But they are also the main ingredient of perfumes.

When it comes to the longevity of the fragrance, perfumes can give longer durability, while essential oils have limited durability.

Another advantage of perfumes is that they are laboratory tested and do not contain allergens. Natural oils, as we know, can cause an allergic reaction in some people.

However, it is not for us to judge what is better and what is not, because everyone should choose the product that suits their preferences.

What is the official position?

Diffusers are often sold complete with essential oils. The manufacturer advertises them as devices that work only with essential oils and extract the best properties from them. If you use anything else, the warranty no longer applies to you.

But in reality, things are not so black and white, because there is a certain gray zone, according to which you can use other fragrance ingredients.

A facilitating circumstance is that they are used in a large amount of water and there is almost no risk of spoilage. However, please note that anything different from the official guidelines is at your own risk.


The bottom line is that you can use perfume oils in your diffuser if the conditions are right. Get the oil with your favorite scent and enjoy the unique atmosphere that will be created in your home. You can always enhance the scent by adding a drop of compatible essential oil. The results promise real enjoyment.


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