Why, How, and When You Should Buy Sofa Covers

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Sofa sets have become indispensable in our day-to-day lives. It’s hard to imagine an office room or a home without a sofa. Sofas serve as the ideal tools for making positive impressions on guests; they’re super-comfy (some would say comfier than beds), and they also boost the quality of our home’s interior décor. However, sofas can be quite expensive.

If you’re a homeowner operating on a tight budget, you can’t afford to own more than two to three sofas. Homeowners typically expect their sofas to last for at least ten years. But, regular use coupled with daily exposure to dust and germs can wear down the sturdiest of sofas. How can homeowners make sure that their sofas don’t start looking too old?

Sofa covers from Coversandall.com! Also known as slipcovers, these items are ideal for homeowners who want to extend the lives of their precious sofas. They make sofas last longer by acting as a protective shield against dust, insects, germs, and sun damage. Sofa slipcovers are also ideal for making old sofas look and feel like they’re brand-new.

Here’s why, how, and when you should buy sofa slipcovers.

Why Buy Sofa Slipcovers?

Sofa slipcovers are worthy of purchase for various reasons. Here are the key benefits of covering your sofas with these protective items.

Save Money by Not Getting New Sofas

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With the onset of the global COVID19 pandemic, most people assumed that retailers in the home furnishing industry would lose business. However, the complete opposite has happened over the past twelve months. Digital revenue in the home goods industry has increased by 51%. Online queries regarding outdoor furnishing items on prominent eCommerce platforms have increased by 90%.

The huge demand for high-quality furniture items cannot be demand. With high demands come inflated prices. So, any homeowner shopping in the current furniture market shouldn’t feel surprised to see all the high prices. What can a budget-driven homeowner who is looking to upgrade his or her furniture items do in such an inflated market?

Buying sofa slipcovers is the perfect solution. Instead of spending excessive amounts on new sofa sets, why not give your old sofas brand-new looks and feels with top-quality slipcovers? Unlike other items in the home furnishings industry, sofa slipcovers haven’t increased in price.

Homeowners can easily amass a collection of high-quality sofa slipcovers without spending too much money. Once you possess a large collection of sofa slipcovers, making your old sofas look and feel new will be a breeze. Every time a slipcover feels old or wrinkled, replace it with a differently designed slipcover!

Easy to Clean and Maintain

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The best thing about sofa slipcovers is that they respond well to both machine washing and vacuum cleaners. When you’re vacuuming your house, point the machine on the slipcovers. You can easily suck out all the dust collected inside your sofa slipcovers with vacuum cleaners. If the slipcovers start getting too dirty, toss them in the washer!

Plus, sofa slipcovers are designed to be resilient. After all, their main objective is to increase the life of the furniture sets. So, damages like stains, spills, or dust don’t cause too much harm to high-quality sofa slipcovers.

Re-Decorate Your Old Sofas

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Expensive sofas deserve to look and feel expensive at all times. Furniture industry experts agree that transforming our home decor every season is extremely challenging. According to them, sofa slipcovers are the perfect way to switch your sofas’ designs and looks. New slipcovers can instantly transform rooms, update tired-looking sofas, and provide additional protection from things that made them look bad in the first place (dust, pet dander, stains, etc.)

How to Buy Sofa Slipcovers?

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Slipcover shoppers need to consider a few key details before they start shopping.

  • Materials Options – Sofa slipcovers come in various material options – linen, spandex, polyester, corduroy, wool, faux suede, and cotton are some of the most common materials used to make sofa slipcovers. Consider how your skin reacts to each of these materials before buying a sofa cover.
  • Colors – It’s always better to opt for dark-colored slipcovers. Sofa slipcovers will accumulate a lot of dirt over time. Slipcovers with dark designs and patterns hide stains better than light-colored ones.
  • Stretchy – Many sofa owners want their sofas to feel like their second skin. For them, stylish and thin slipcovers made of stretchy mixtures of spandex and cotton are ideal.
  • Fit – Make sure your slipcovers fit around your sofas. One-piece slipcovers with multiple side pieces are the safest buys because they fit on almost all types of sofas. These slipcovers are also easier to machine wash.
  • Washing – Make sure your slipcovers are washing machine-friendly. If you purchase bright-colored slipcovers, make sure their colors don’t come off easily. Confirm these details with sellers before purchase.
  • Measurement – Always measure your sofa before getting slipcovers. Ask the sellers to help you find slipcovers that are rightly sized.

When to Buy Sofa Covers?

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Now! The sofa slipcover market is currently booming. There are many high-quality slipcover sellers offering cost-effective deals on their products. Ideally, shoppers should browse the slipcover market for a few weeks and wait to get high-quality slipcovers at bargain prices. For example, slipcovers made of 100% terry-cotton are usually very pricey.

But, these dustproof and waterproof slipcovers can be purchased at bargain prices. Buyers simply need to know when sofa protector sellers are offering the best deals. If your sofas are turning old and they need immediate protection from dust, stains, sun damage, bugs, bacteria, etc., you shouldn’t wait to purchase machine washable sofa slipcovers.

Go for a Custom Sofa Cover

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The type of sofa slipcovers you purchase will undoubtedly depend on how your sofas are used in the house. That’s why opting for customized sofa slipcovers is the best option. Whether you want your sofa cover to have extra antimicrobial qualities or feature unique designs – with custom slipcovers that are designed to fit your sofas specifically, you can never go wrong. So, homeowners must watch out for sellers of custom-made sofa slipcovers and make the most of their seasonal/yearly sales offers.


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