The Unique Challenges of Perfume Packaging Ideas


We all know how amazing the package of perfume might be, sometimes even more amazing than the perfume itself. Namely, we would like to emphasize that the user starts enjoying the product much earlier than they put it on their skin and smell it the first time. Even if a person is acquiring a perfume for the second or any repeated time, the package still has an impact on how the whole first touch experience ceremony flows. The catch is there are unique challenges a perfume provider needs to answer in order to provoke the desired reaction from the user every time. Thus, read the following lines to see what are they and find out about which criteria perfume packaging ideas must meet.



Perfume might be rich in certain aromas that can remind you of pleasant vibes you would feel if you were sunbathing on an isolated island, but a scent can also transfer you to a cold and windy place, depending on the notes it possesses. A true challenge of a company that wants to promote its unique perfume would be to transpose the inside of a bottle to its package. We do not talk about basic colors, moreover, about the essence of a perfume being emphasized and put on the covering. Famous brands have numerous teams of employees whose job is solely to envisage the design woven of shades bespeaking the packed good. Other ones hire designers whose creativity is employed the same way but costs much less.



When people buy perfumes, they often know what to expect, so the real challenge would be to surprise both the ones who purchase them for personal usage and the ones who receive them as gifts. Namely, every other situation from what a person expects would be considered a surprise, and since we encourage positivity the exact type of flabbergasting should be potentiated inside the perfume packaging by manufacturers. It could be anything, from a small figurine to a personalized gift card, as long as it elicits the smile of the one who opens the package. Small things make people feel big and cherished, so devoting time and thought to make this particular approach a solution to unique branding could be just what the doctor ordered.

Kiss Cut Stickers


Another wonderful way to enrich perfume packaging is by adding some stickers to the whole set. They can present whatever you want, from the name of the brand to personalized messages a person can find themself while reading it. What is also important to emphasize is that with custom kiss stickers no minimum order is required, so you can have your distributor print as many as you consider enough. Perfume sticker design is what you would like to leave to the pros since the stickers serve not solely to the amusement of the perfume users, but also for your company since they can lure others to try the unique scent you offer. At you can find additional info about various types of stickers and see which shape and size would fit your perfume packaging the best.

Multipurpose Box


Certain perfumes are delivered in packaging that can be used for so many more purposes than solely keeping a perfume inside. Do bear in mind that a large number of individuals decide to spend their money for what they see, rather than relying on their sense of smell, especially if they try to impress someone whose taste they do not know. Therefore, think about making perfume packaging as appealing to the eye as possible. On the other hand, you can also consider the option of creating unique packages that are different both in shape and design. If you opt for larger boxes, you would also be able to combine already mentioned suggestions and make your perfume packaging a one-of-a-kind experience reserved for the ones who get a hold of it.

Combine Materials


Even though it is hard to avoid using cardboard as the main material for perfume packaging, that does not stop you from using additional ones to make the whole arrangement more unique. Namely, perfumes often contain natural ingredients such as cedarwood, cinnamon, vanilla, and others that could be used to enhance both the appearance and the content of the perfume packaging. What you should use depends on your imagination and the perfume in question, thus, either be creative or leave the creativity to designers who can materialize the idea you present to them. One way or another, this approach should make a difference and lure the eyes of perfume lovers once they see an original presentation.

Box In a Box


Since perfumes come in bottles of not as impressive size as the scent of the perfume potentially deserves, you can manipulate the size of the packaging to present it in a unique way. We have concluded earlier in the text that people love gifts and surprises so you can act according to that finding. Namely, what you can do to amaze the users is rather to pack the perfume in several boxes of various shapes and designs than to use a single packaging. This approach makes the one who opens the box devote oneself to the act of opening, instead of tearing the box apart and throwing it away. In that way, a particular experience leaves a more intimate impression and creates a specific bond between the perfume and the user.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of advice and suggestions will make your job of devising a unique perfume packaging an interesting and pleasant experience. Surely, the quality of the perfume is the criteria most of the users would follow when selecting a piece, but an original packaging might make them reconsider their choices and give another perfume a chance. On the other hand, if they do not find themselves in the scent, they might decide to gift it to someone solely because they find the packaging too difficult to ignore, and the lucky one to receive the gift can judge the quality.


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