Should You Spray Perfume on Your Formal Dress


Applying perfume is one of those things that can easily cause you to feel more confident and relaxed. Almost every person out there has their own routine when it comes to how they like to apply and wear their perfumes, however, one of the most commonly asked questions about the entire process is whether it’s better to spray it onto the skin or clothes.

If you’ll recently attend a formal event such as a wedding or a business gathering, you might be wondering if you should spray perfume on your formal dress. Now, you should know, there are both drawbacks and benefits to either option and to help you decide which is better, here is what you must know:

1. Is it Okay to Use it on The Skin?


If you ask any person around you, they’ll most likely tell you that they put perfume on their skin. In most cases, they spritz it and dab it on their neck, wrists, and chest. But, is this really good? Yes, it is, mostly because the warmth of your skin will cause the scent to activate, meaning that it’ll be stronger. Nonetheless, if you opt for this method, you should know that they usually contain oils and other ingredients that you could be allergic to, thus, always do a skin test to see whether or not an irritation will happen.

If you opt for applying it to your skin, you should know that it’ll smell wonderful, and also, you should always spritz it onto the areas that are the warmest, which includes the back of your ears, neck, chest, as well as wrists. By applying it to these points, you can make sure that the scent lasts longer, and more importantly, that it’s stronger. If you don’t want to apply it to your skin, you can opt for the other application method, which leads us to the next point in this article…

2. Is it Okay to Use it on a Formal Dress?

I don’t know about you, but I definitely apply perfume to my skin without caring about whether or not some of it will land on my clothes. However, if you’re planning on wearing a formal dress to an event, you might be wondering which application method is better. For starters, you should know that it’s totally okay to spritz perfume on your dress. However, you must perform a test first before you choose to do this.

If the fabric of your formal dress is light-colored, you should definitely perform a test on a hidden area of the dress so that you can make sure that the perfume doesn’t stain it. Nonetheless, if you choose to apply it, you should know that the scent will last longer than it would on the skin. Keep in mind, that if the dress is dark colored, you don’t have to perform the test. You can click here to view more formal dresses that won’t need a patch test before applying perfume to them.

3. Which Will Last Longer?


We’ve already answered this question, but it’s worth going into the details. Applying perfume to your clothes will last longer than it will on your skin. The ingredients, especially the oils will be soaked by the fabrics, thus, they won’t evaporate as quickly as the other method. A perfume will last approximately three to six hours on your skin, and on the other hand, it can last from 1 day to 7 days if you choose to spritz it on your formal dress.

4. So, Which Option is Better?

As we mentioned, either of the options is suitable, and the one you choose will entirely depend on your preferences. Additionally, you could choose to apply it in both ways at the same time, and by doing so, you’ll make sure that your skin provides a stronger scent, while your dress will ensure that it lasts longer. You must remember that doing this will make the perfume so much stronger, thus, you must make sure that you don’t go overboard.

5. What Are The Benefits of Each Option?


Although both application processes are good, there are drawbacks and benefits to each of them. To help you decide which application method is better for you, here is what you should know:

– Pros of Spritzing it on Your Skin: the scent will be stronger, it’s easy to do this, no staining/
– Cons of Spritzing it on Your Skin: you may have to reapply it several times during the event, to possible irritation from the ingredients.
– Pros of Spritzing it on Your Dress: it’ll last longer, good method if you have skin irritations, and it’s simple to apply.
– Cons of Spritzing it on Your Dress: possible staining from the ingredients, you cannot change the perfume in the middle of the event.

6. Will it Smell Differently?

Yes! When you use it on your skin, the heat will activate the ingredients, hence, the scent will be changed a little bit, mostly because of the oils and moisture of your skin. This means that, if you use it on your dress, the scent will be different. Hence, when you’re purchasing a new fragrance, it might be best to test it on both your skin and clothes so that you can see how it’s different after some time passes. If you like the scent, you can go ahead and buy it.

7. Will All Perfume Leave Stains?


No, not all perfumes will leave stains, however, some that contain oil and alcohol might leave a residue and stain after it dries. This is why it’s crucial that you perform a patch test so that you can ensure that it doesn’t ruin your formal gown. Additionally, you can look at the ingredients and determine whether or not they’ll stain your dress, which also means that you won’t need to perform the test to see whether you can spray it on your attire.


As you were able to read and learn, it’s possible to apply perfume to both your skin and clothes. The option you choose will entirely depend on your preferences, as well as whether or not it’ll stain the material of your dress. Hence, since you know now everything there is about these application methods, don’t lose time, instead, try out both options and see which one you prefer!


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