Should you Apply Perfume to Clothes

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Perfume is an essential part of most girls’ beauty routine. Some women apply it every time they leave the house, while others prefer wearing it only is special occasions. Regardless of this, everyone has a favorite scent that they may have been using for a long time.

Nevertheless, there is a debate, and it seems that everyone has an opinion about it. Should you apply perfume directly to your clothes? Some girls do it, and others prefer spraying it in the air and walking through that fragrant cloud. Well, in this article, we settle this matter once for all and provide you with some additional tips on how to apply and store your perfume.

Can you spray it on clothes?

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Many people do this because it enables them to enjoy the scent longer. If you are one of them, you can continue doing this, but there is something you have to know. First of all, you have to be careful about the clothing items. Depending on the material, the perfume can leave stains, which are impossible to remove.

What’s more, you have to understand that the scent may not be the same once you apply it to clothes. Why? Well, depending on the fabric, only some particles will remain on it. You have probably already noticed this, and now you know why this is the case.

Wearing a Perfumed Scarf?

Scarves are widely popular among women and men as fashion detail (and they keep us warm in the winter) but should you perfume it a bit as you take it out of the closet? Well, you can do so, but don’t overdo it, because different materials react differently. Still, it is nice to have a pleasant smell around you as it will not likely wear off.

For example, if you have been scrolling through, looking for a new cashmere scarf, you will have to break this habit. A golden rule is never to spray fragrance on cashmere and silk because the chances are you will destroy the fabric.

How to apply it correctly?

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Now that you know you have to be more careful when spraying fragrance on your clothes, i.e., that you have to choose the fabrics smartly, you are probably curious to learn some additional information. Here are some tips you should implement immediately.

Don’t rub it

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Yes, you should always apply the fragrance to your skin, but the trick is not the rub it in. You have probably seen everyone doing it, but the truth is that you should break this habit as soon as possible. Why? Well, the perfume needs a few moments to settle in, and you have to give your skin a chance to absorb it. If you rub your wrists immediately, which is something almost everyone does, some particles of it will evaporate quickly.

The truth is that these notes are the reason you feel in love with a specific product. If you don’t give them a chance to mix with your skin’s natural oils, you won’t achieve the same scent. What’s more, it will evaporate faster, so it won’t have the same effect.

Don’t apply it to your hair

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This is another common thing many girls do. How can they resist applying the same scent to their hair? Well, the fact is that perfumes are not intended for your hair. Simply put, it is not one of the areas where you should spray it, which we will discuss later on. Depending on the content of the product, alcohol, which is an ingredient of some of them, can seriously damage your hair.

Spray it on pulse points

Firstly, let us answer the question of what the pulse points are. Naturally, these are the warmest areas of your body, and they include inner elbows, wrists, back of the knees, behind ears, and sides of the neck. Due to the warmth and moist, the scent will catch on quickly, and it will stay there for a longer time. Nevertheless, don’t forget that you shouldn’t rub it in, but instead spray or dab it and let your natural oils activate it.

Should you walk through it?

We have already mentioned that some women don’t like applying the product directly to the skin but instead prefer walking through the scented cloud. It is a satisfying experience, which enables them to conclude their beauty routine on a high note. However, there is one thing you must know.

Before you do this, you have to learn about all the ingredients of your favorite product. Why? Well, you have to ensure that it is not toxic. If it is, you should never inhale it. If you are not ready to give up on this part of your routine, it may be time to look for a new perfume that is biodegradable.

Be smart about the number of sprays

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It is a fact that many ladies are confused about this. A golden rule is not to wear too much perfume, but how to determine the right amount? On the other hand, how to know you are using just enough to enjoy the scent.

Well, this mostly depends on the note you use. If you have a light-scented fragrance, three or four sprays will do the trick. On the other hand, when it comes to an intensive one that you probably use only on special occasions, one or two sprays are more than enough.

Choose a perfume according to the season

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Wearing the same perfume throughout the entire year is another mistake some girls make. Heavy scents can be too much during summertime when it gets really hot, and you sweat a lot. Because of this, you should always go with light, floral ones. On the other hand, these specific fragrances may not be as effective during the winter when you wear several layers of clothes. Therefore, our advice is to have at least two perfumes and think about the season and weather before choosing one to wear.

Where to store it?

Finally, there is the matter of the place where you keep your fragrances. Most people store them in the bathroom or on the dresser, but you shouldn’t do this. Why? Well, it comes to the former, steam and moisture can significantly shorten its shelf life. Considering that some perfumes are very expensive, this is the last thing you want.

On the contrary, the bottle also shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight because it can break down its particles. So, where should you keep it? Well, the ideal solution would be a dark place, such as the drawer of your dresser. The original packaging is also a great choice since these are designed to protect the content.


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