7 Reasons Why Silk Kimono Robes Are Back In Fashion in 2023

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If you think silky kimonos are a thing of the past, think again! The fashionable pieces are an everlasting classic, but they’re making a huge comeback in 2023, especially when we’re talking about their popularity.

You may think you can survive the summer season without a trendy kimono in your closet, but you’d be horribly wrong… and we just can’t let that happen, can we now?
Before we begin, we have to suggest you read up on the culture and history behind the piece before you start wearing it. Make it appreciation instead of appropriation, it’s 2023 already!

Now, let’s talk about what makes these beautiful robes so admired by fashion icons worldwide.

1. They stem from a rich culture and have a long historical background

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We all know that kimonos come to us from the land of the rising sun, which is why most of the patterns and motives found on these pieces carry a Japanese cultural influence.

Of course, the modern silky kimono is nowhere near what the traditional robes used to look like throughout Japanese history. Even so, the influence is there, and we have to say it looks downright stunning, especially when it’s worn with the appreciation towards the culture itself.

All of this is why we truly believe that kimonos never went out of fashion, they just took a small break from the mainstream scene.

2. They’re extremely comfy

We’ve all spent way too much of our time stuck in our homes for the entirety of 2023. Be as it may, the experience taught us to truly value feeling comfortable, especially when it comes to our clothing. That’s why silk kimonos represent a great “transition” to COVID-free days that are ahead!

As we’ve mentioned, they’re extremely comfy, but they won’t make you look like you just got out of your bed. You’ll get a seamless, fashionable look without even trying: Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

Overall, the comfortableness that these pieces of clothing offer are one of the main reasons for their intense comeback this year. Besides, who wouldn’t want to feel comfortable while still looking fresh and elegant like a true fashionista, right?

3. They come in a wide range of styles

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Rocking a silk kimono comes in various shapes and forms. You can incorporate it into any style that ever existed! No matter whether you prefer a goth-like aesthetic or you’re more into pastel colors and flowery patterns, there’s a piece to suit all tastes and needs out there.

Besides, there are about a million ways you can style a kimono. You can wear it with different types of jewelry, stockings, even dresses, and skirts, and it will still look phenomenal! If you’re not sure where to begin, we suggest you look for inspiration online to find something that fits your needs properly. Whatever you do, remember: you can’t go wrong with silk!

4. They fit all body shapes

Kimonos are a universal piece of clothing: they look good on everyone and anyone! If you’re a curvy queen you’ll absolutely love the way a good piece can accentuate your beautiful features! Similarly, if you’re an athletic gal who loves to move around, you’ll find the silky material extremely light and breathable: you’ll look good while still being active!

Other than that, skinny girls can benefit from these pieces too: you’ll look like a supermodel wearing it!

Now we could go on and on about all of those beautiful body shapes and how a kimono can fit them, but we think you already got the gist. These fashion pieces look and feel good on all body types, as they come in various shapes and sizes.

5. Well, they’re made of silk

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Silk looks elegant and expensive: there’s no way in denying it. Still, you don’t have to be a millionaire to afford a couple of silk clothing pieces. They’re much more affordable than you may think! You can find these kimonos for a price ranging between 150-300 USD if you know where to look. Besides, summer sales are coming soon, so we’re sure you’ll be able to grab your own piece for way less than you’d expect!

Make sure to purchase only from trusted suppliers such as slipintosoft.com, for example. Otherwise, you might end up with a cheap knock-off made from questionable materials that will only make you hate the fashion trend!img

6. Silk battles skin-conditions

Now, the summer season is approaching, and that means only one thing for some of us: our skin condition worsening due to the constant sweating and sun exposure… Sigh…If that’s the case for you too, it’s time to start wearing silky clothing, preferably kimonos!

These gentle materials will allow your skin to breathe, preventing further irritation due to the uncomfortable friction that some other types of clothing can cause. Besides, the kimono is already designed to be “loose” and comfy, so you’ll be able to look fashionable while taking care of your sensitive skin at the same time.

7. Putting it on takes seconds to do!

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Have you ever been in a hurry, but your jeans just seemed to disobey you that particular day? Us too! So, we know how frustrating this is, and honestly, 2023 should be the year of change, as far as we’re concerned.

Now, of course, the solution to this irritating issue can only be found in a kimono, especially if you still need to look polished and trendy when you go out! Putting the piece on only takes about 3 seconds, which can be such a life-saver now when our lives are getting busy again.

The bottom line

As we’ve mentioned numerous times throughout this article, silk kimonos were never out of style! We forgot about their unique beauty for a bit, and now it’s time to fix that!
Even if you’re not completely sold on the idea of wearing a kimono this summer, we highly recommend that you at least try one out while on your next shopping spree. Not to be dramatic, but wearing them can be a life-changing experience!


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