5 Best Hair Perfumes and Hair Mists in 2023

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The appearance and volume of hair depends on many factors. Genetics is crucial, but so is hormonal status (it is much more beautiful in youth than in later years), then nutrition (proteins and amino acids are crucial for its volume and quality), the amount of vitamin D in the body, and of course proper care and regular maintenance.

The branch of the pharmaceutical industry, which deals with cosmetics for the face, body and hair, works every day on research and testing of new products. These include shampoos, masks, conditioners, serums, tonics, means for strengthening hair, against hair loss, for shine, then dyes and toners… the list is huge and is being extended every day. That’s why completely new products often appear on the market, which improve the condition of your hair and make it not only more beautiful and of better quality, but also shinier, more fragrant and more attractive to the eye, but also to the sense of smell. Among them are hair perfumes and mists.

What are hair perfumes and mists?

Many have never heard of these products and think that the perfume they use regularly is enough to make their hair smell fresh and nice. It’s not like that though. Classic perfumes for the skin are not good to be sprayed on the hair. The reason is clear. Perfumes contain a percentage of alcohol, which would dry the skin and have a bad effect on the structure of the hair, if used constantly.

Hair perfumes and mists are specialized products, exclusively for the hair, which are used between two washes, to make it smell attractive and look better. Most of the population, especially women, cannot wash their hair every day. It is normal for it to collect, like a filter, impurities, dust, sweat…especially if you live in a big and polluted city. That is why it is impossible to keep its freshness and smell until the next wash. Daily washing is not advised even by experts. For this reason, mists and hair perfumes were created.

We spoke with hair artists from Hera Beauty, one of the best places you can choose for haircut in Singapore, and they told us apart from the smell, such products protect the hair from UV radiation and moisturize it, because they often contain glycerin. So, the combined action in these products is a complete innovation in this field. They are based as a water foundation, with additives that hydrate, nourish and refresh with their fragrant note.

As with head and body perfumes, designers and brands have gone to great lengths to create perfumes and hair mists. Some are parallels to existing perfumes, and some are completely original, designed exclusively for hair:

1. Chanel No 5 Hair Mist

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Legendary, well-known, synonymous with classic elegance and style, CHANEL NO 5 is available as hair mist too. This is a product for women and stands out for its exceptional fragrance and quality. Its popularity is redundant to describe, because its name has been going on for decades as the first choice of Hollywood stars and women of taste and refined men. Marilyn Monroe made it even more famous with her claim that “she goes to bed with only a few drops of CHANEL NO 5 perfume”. You can already guess, blondes will be the ones who will be the first choice.

Its distinctive combination of rose and white jasmine enchants, both on the skin and on the hair. It is a non-progressive choice for it to be in a cloud of this magical, feminine fragrance. It is quite certain that people in your vicinity will, rightly, wonder who floats in the aura of CHANEL NO 5, but in a very special and different way.

2. Dior Miss Dior Hair Mist

Here is another well-known and popular classic, which came to the market with its hair parallel. Also, an unforgettable and striking fragrance, in a combination of rose from Damascus and Indian patchouli. A bit sweeter than CHANEL NO 5, it is associated with softness, luxury and elegance. The seductive fragrant trail that will follow you with this mist will be completely irresistible.

It would suit dark-haired ladies, with rich, wavy, who have something of an oriental look. Perhaps it is more suitable for autumn and winter days, but you should not limit yourself. Everyone will choose according to their own taste.

3. Oribe Cote D’azur Eau De Parfum

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Now something completely different! The fresh and refreshing breath of the Mediterranean, with its aroma of lemons, Sicilian oranges, but also the contrast of sandalwood and vetyver, leads us over turquoise waters, white beaches and dense pine forests. This hair mist is designed as universal, which means that neither men nor women will miss it.

4. Tocca Stella Hair Fragrance

This distinctly feminine perfume is a complete summer hit. Your hair will be bathed not only in the sun’s rays, but also in a magical mix of orange, lily, lemon and sandalwood. With floral summer dresses, white pants and silver sandals, with a fragrance that will follow you wherever you go, you will be the embodiment of a summer scene that is dear to every eye. This hair perfume is intoxicating and expressive, so you can’t go unnoticed, wherever you appear.

5. Aquolina Pink Sugar Hair Perfume

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This drugstore hair perfume, cheaper and more accessible to teenagers and younger girls, is not to be neglected. A mixture of candy taste and pink sugar note, it just tempts you to try its taste too. Its composition has everything a hair perfume needs. That is why it has been popular for so many years, among the younger girl population.

The summer vibe that it brings, which is associated with an amusement park, pink sugar wool, ice cream with strawberry topping, popular music and first falling in love. It contains the magic of summer, loud laughter, youth and energy. Even though you are older, you will secretly want to buy it and spray it on your hair, because who could resist the memories of teenage years and the carefreeness and joy that carried us then.


Once you try hair perfumes and mists, you won’t be able to live without them. You will quickly be convinced of the benefits they bring. Fresh, shiny, hydrated hair and a rich scent of purity and freshness, which you will choose according to your taste. Those are enough reasons to start buying these products right away and introduce them into your daily haircare routine.


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