How to Find the Right Perfume for Everyone


Choosing the right perfume can be a real challenge. Personal preferences, character, and also the effect that the fragrance should achieve play a role. At first glance, it’s quite complicated. But by following a few simple tips, you can quickly find out which fragrance suits which person.

For whom should the perfume be?

This question can also be answered easily at first glance. The perfume should be bought for yourself. Here it is important to find out who you are and which character traits should be emphasized by the fragrance. Here you can ask yourself a few simple questions and find out exactly what.

What effect should the perfume have?


Here you should think about when you want to put on the perfume and how you want to be perceived with it. Should it be sensual, stimulating, natural, sporty, mysterious, glamorous, or feminine? Do you wear it in everyday life, at work, or only on special occasions?

After that, it’s on to personal characteristics. Is one rather temperamental, sporty, realistic, romantic, playful, or idealistic? Various questions, such as favorite pastime, favorite drink, favorite color, and favorite music genre, can also give a good indication of a coherent overall picture. A small example: if you decide on a perfume for everyday life, describe yourself as realistic and idealistic, and your favorite leisure activity is reading a good book while drinking a cappuccino. Then an overall picture of a down-to-earth person who is at peace with himself is formed. So here the classic type would fit wonderfully. Here, an elegant and conservative fragrance is recommended, these are called chypre fragrances for more details see The fragrance notes are oriented toward fresh, slightly woody, and mossy and are also defined as noble. People who prefer chypre fragrances dress rather inconspicuously and wear makeup appropriate to their type, they tend to be more discreet and unexciting.

What other fragrance types are there?


After we have clarified the conservative type, we are left with the floral type, the oriental type, the statement type fougère, the fruity sweet type, and the fragrance for insecure types: Aldehyde.

The floral type

One of the most popular and well-known fragrance types is the floral type. Floral fragrances are among the most sold in Germany. This is not by chance, because a wide amount of different character traits can identify with the floral fragrance and let it underline their character. Among these, for example, are the romantics. Romantics are very close to nature, enjoy classic romantic undertakings, and also like to wear floral prints, delicate colors, and beautiful dresses. They are into decorative elements like candles and flowers and have a natural vibe. They are a perfect match for this fragrance. However, from a psychological point of view, a completely different character trait can also identify with the flowery fragrance. Rebels also like floral scents because they stay true to themselves, even if it means swimming against the tide. They hold their own opinions and remain true to themselves in every way.

The oriental type

The oriental type stands for exoticism and sensuality. Temperamental and playful character types like this fragrance. Here, a lot of emphasis is placed on everything that stimulates the senses and supports an individual character. People who prefer the oriental fragrance are often referred to as seducers. The seducers prefer flowing fabrics, combined with the cool leather jacket, high heels, and jewelry that makes a statement. Everything that stands out and underlines individuality, everything that is exciting and sensual, finds a place here.

Oriental fragrances are characterized by scents of patchouli, vanilla, and musk. They are sweet and soft, but rather heavy. These fragrance notes stand for independence, strength of character, and individuality.


The statement type fougère

This fragrance family is mainly used for male fragrances, as it is rather spicy and tart, reminiscent of the forest and moss. However, unisex fragrances are often found in this range as well. This fragrance is used by people as a statement in itself. Whoever uses this fragrance wants to be seen. Women who use this fragrance also wear masculine clothes for this and play with a seductive masculine charisma. They are conscious of their appearance and want to stand out. This fragrance is strong and reminiscent of coumarin and lavender.

The fruity-sweet type

The fruity-sweet type is often worn by young people. It is light and virtually flies around the person. These fragrances represent the fun of life, spontaneity, and love of life. They are fun and convey a small measure of rebellion. People who wear this fragrance want to escape boredom, spontaneously experience great things that remain forever in their memory, are adventurous and quickly infect other people by their good mood. Fragrances of this type are often based on a fruit such as cherry, orange, raspberry or even coconut. They are often light and are not oppressive.

The fragrance for insecure types ─ Aldehyde


This fragrance can’t quite be classified at first glance, it smells rather synthetic and abstract, but at the same time not too heavy and very fresh. Here, it cannot be directly said what this fragrance actually smells like. This is a typical sign of an aldehyde fragrance. It is perfect for people who want to feel a bit more exclusive, stylish or elegant. Wearers of this fragrance tend to be grounded people who have realistic expectations of life but cannot directly associate themselves with any style. They are very thoughtful professionally and privately and attach importance to a well-groomed appearance, but never exaggerate.

The choice of perfume is so much more than just the choice of a fragrance. On the basis of this choice, a lot can be learned about the character of a person, which is why fragrances should be used specifically to convey the right impression.

The Internet offers many opportunities to test to find the right fragrance for the right person if you yourself are unsure. Once the right type is found, it is possible to choose from numerous perfumes, which all want to support a certain type (here). The selection here is quite large, as perfumers go to great lengths to be able to cover a wide range of fragrances and thus character traits and find the right scent for each person.

The right perfume can be a true luxury product and worn on the right occasions, this occasion can be recalled again and again in the mind by smelling the fragrance. So fragrances can also take you to memories and dreams, awaken fantasies and tell stories. If you follow a few of the tips listed here, you can find such a luxury product for yourself and let the little dream of your own luxury come true.


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