What Your Favorite Perfume Is Really Saying About Your Personality

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Perfume is a powerful weapon that many are unaware of. You’d say you can do anything to make an impression and be forgotten, but just one whiff of a familiar scent brings people back to you. This is how olfactory memories work.

When it comes to perfumes, many choose based on popularity and trends. However, there is a large number of those who have a taste and follow it constantly. And of course, the general impression is that very often the perfume also speaks about the character of the person. That’s why we decided in today’s article to talk more about how perfume actually depends on your character and vice versa – how perfumes make you who you are.

For this purpose, we have selected different perfumes from different categories, so that this analysis can be more interesting.

1. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 – Unisex

Source: franciskurkdjian.com

This is the perfume that the world went crazy for in a short period. Also, many dupes and reinterpretations have appeared, so already many can afford that fragrance profile, without spending a fabulous amount for the original edition.

Well, if the BR540 is your choice, you want to be noticed, and impressive, but also show that you always follow the trends and enjoy it.

2. Missoni Wave – For Him

Source: perfumegallery.ae

Missoni Wave is a perfume that belongs to the category of aromatic and citrus perfumes, and if you visit this site, you can learn a lot more about its olfactory characteristics.

This perfume is great for all those who love Versace Eros, Armani Acqua di Gio or Yves Saint Lauren La Nuit de l’Homme, but still don’t like clichés. So, Missoni Wave says to you that although you don’t want to completely surrender to trends, you will find a way to give them an original twist in every possible aspect.

3. Dior Poison – For Her

Source: makeupandmore.net

This perfume is one of the legendary perfumes of the Dior house. It features notes of tuberose, plum, and spices. When you apply it, it is very intense, but then it calms down into a warm spicy composition, which you feel like a warm shawl around you.

What does Poison by Dior say about you? You are a charming woman who remains loyal to perfume classics. Maybe you give her a little bit of arrogance because you don’t want to experiment with new creations and stick to what you’ve been wearing for years.

4. D&G Sicily – For Her

Source: youtube.com

This is a perfume that has been out of production for a long time, but you have a stock that even the brand itself can envy. This is certainly one of the most popular perfumes, which became even more popular after it was discontinued.

But we have a secret to tell you. D&G is well aware of this hype and wisely sells it as part of the Velvet collection, under the same name. And you? We’re sure you’re a person that no one can beat in note detection, so Velvet Sicily is not good enough for you. You really know what you want and that’s commendable.

5. Paco Rabanne One Million – For Him

Source: youtube.com

This is a modern classic that has equal numbers of lovers and haters. Indeed, there is no one who is indifferent to this fragrance, regardless of what emotions it awakens in them.

Girls love this fragrance, and guys who wear it are confident in the impression they make and don’t care what others say about them. And we like that carefreeness and casualness, so we wish you never to give up on One Million.

6. Mugler Womanity – For Her

source: pinterest.com

You are aware of the popularity of Angel and Alien, but you still don’t want to buy into that hype too much. That’s why you chose Womanity, which is a seriously high-quality perfume, but it doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

We are sure that you leave an impression everywhere with the smell of fig and caviar, and this means that you are brave, unique, and confident. And congratulations for being so and continue to enjoy the uniqueness of Womanity, because it is the only such green-salty perfume.

7. Guerlain Shalimar Souffle de Parfum – For Her

Source: britishbeautyblogger.com

You tried to love the classic Shalimar, but it didn’t work out. So, you have found its modern reinterpretation and enjoy the intoxicating scent of citrus, vanilla, benzoin, and distinct Shalimar DNA.

We can say about you that you always like to play it safe and you are not a fan of experiments. Stay that way, because this perfume really suits that character. And of course, try Shalimar EDP again in a year and you’ll be surprised how your taste has improved in the meantime.

8. Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDT

source: sephora.com

The famous Narciso fragrance in a black bottle is a true classic among perfumes. It is an intense musky composition that can be either very aggressive or gentle, depending on the occasion on which you wear it.

For you, this perfume says many things, especially that you are aware of your attractiveness and sex appeal, as well as the impression you leave wherever you appear. Sometimes you want to experiment, but you always come back to this scent.

9. Tom Ford Oud Minerale

Source: frenchboxsrbija.com

You love woody scents that are sometimes difficult to wear, but that makes you even more eager to buy a perfume from the Tom Ford Oud Minerale category.

Oud is one of the most popular perfume notes that is often combined with rose, but in this fragrance, it is combined with salt, sea grass, aquatic notes, and minerals. Well, when you wear it, we are sure you feel confident and bold because hardly anyone else would dare to choose such a combination of notes.

We are sure we guessed a lot of things about you and your favorite fragrance. Feel free to share your favorite one with us, so we can learn more about the different personality types, and how they are related to the particular fragrance, whole brands, perfume categories, or note families.


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