12 Best Gift for Bikers

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Is your old man, boyfriend, or even a friend a biker, and his birthday’s coming up, but you don’t have any idea what to get for them? Well, maybe we could help you out.

We have our fair share of biker friends, and there are quite a few of us here that love to think of ourselves that way, although we’re quite sure our biker friends wouldn’t agree with us on that one, but hey, baby steps. Anyway, we’ve thought about this long and hard, and we’ve come up with a list of what we consider to be the best gift for bikers.

1. Leather Jacket

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Who doesn’t like a badass leather jacket? We sure do. And, your biker friends love it even more. There’s not an item of clothing more important to the biker culture than the leather jacket.

Now, with that being said, don’t expect your jacket to be the one they wear all the time. In fact, be prepared that they’ll still like their old, worn-out leather jacket more. That one has some character to it, and it’s important to them. But still, they will certainly appreciate the gesture and the gift.

2. Leather Boots

This one – they’ll wear. You can never have enough leather boots. Whether you’re a lady or a big biker dude, leather boots are one of the most essential pieces in your closet, even more so for biker dudes.

While it is true that not all of them wear them, at least nine out of ten of them do. And, even if they’re the ones not wearing them all the time, if you gift it to them – they’ll wear it.

As far as we’re concerned, you can’t go wrong with leather boots as a gift. They’re just awesome.

3. Bike Toolkit

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Unless your biker friend is actually a “biker” friend (in other words, leather-wearing poser), they’re going to appreciate the hell out of this gift. Most bikers are gearheads, and they love to tinker around with their bikes. Custom this and custom that quick repairs and touch-ups – their bike is always getting worked on.

For that reason, getting them a bike toolkit equipped with essential tools like pliers and wrenches is something they’re really going to appreciate. One thing to note is – if you don’t know what kind of bike they’re riding – get a universal toolkit. It’ll still work, and it will be a safe choice.

4. Skull Rings

Most bikers enjoy cool jewelry, and there’s nothing that says a biker dude more than a skull ring. Bikers have a special relationship with skulls, as that’s a motif that’s very near and dear to them. Essentially, wearing skull motifs keeps Grim Reaper away, so if you’d like to buy a lot more gifts for yours truly, go and check out bikerringshop.com and browse for some badass skull rings.

5. Saddlebags

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This one might be a little tricky because you kind of have to know which kind of bike they’re riding. If they’re a biker that loves riding dirtbikes, buying them saddlebags is pretty much pointless.

On the other hand, if they’re the kind of guy that loves a nice cruiser or a chopper – they’ll probably enjoy this gift a lot more than you might think.

So, if you’re certain about what bike they’re riding, go out and get them a nice pair of leather saddlebags and watch them crack a smile that could light up the room.

6. Beard Oil

If your biker friend has a mighty beard – get them beard oil. No one’s tough enough to think they’re stronger than the sun and the wind, so they shouldn’t be too reluctant to start using oil to keep their beard healthy and mighty. After all, every beard oil ever is marketed with either biker or Viking motifs, so they shouldn’t have a hard time getting behind it.

7. Motorcycle Helmet

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Every responsible biker will wear a helmet, and every helmet needs replacement after a while. So, if you have a biker friend that has an old helmet – get them a new one. Just make sure you get the right style.

Take a look at their bike and see what works best for them. A guy riding a chopper probably won’t appreciate a colorful helmet full of MotoGP motifs and emblems. On the other hand, a blacked-out replica of a WW2 helmet might even have them tear up a bit.

8. Chain And A Pendant

Just like skull rings, chains with pendants are also a big part of biker culture and style. If you want to play it safe, we’d go for something classic. Sterling silver or stainless steel as your metal of choice, and for a pendant – skull, bike engine, or a Viking axe. Although, we would be careful with an engine pendant. If you strike the wrong nerve, they might end up disliking your present.

9. Bandana

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Bikers love bandanas – especially black ones. Some wear them on their heads, others wear them around their neck or even on their face as they ride around. Whatever the case may be, you can never go wrong with a black bandana as a gift. It’s just a timeless piece in biker culture.

10. Gloves

Unlike gym heads, bikers don’t mind wearing gloves because they know gloves are actually helpful, and they don’t have masculinity issues to deal with. So, if you have a birthday coming up and you don’t know what to buy your biker friend – get him gloves. He’ll love it.

11. Detailing Kit

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Most bikers will spend more time cleaning and tidying up their bike than they’ll spend on themselves. So, the least you can do is help them do it better, right? Right.

On that note, the best way to help them is to get them a bike detailing kit. We promise you – they’ll love it.

12. Hello Kitty Backpack

Did you know that bikers and pre-teen girls love the same thing, and that same thing is Hello Kitty? We’re not joking – google it. If you have a biker birthday coming up – get them a Hello Kitty backpack, and don’t think twice about it.

No, we’re just kidding.

Although, that would be a pretty good joke. As long as you remember to actually put something thoughtful inside of the backpack.

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There you go – twelve gifts for twelve months of the year. Although, we don’t really know which gift belongs to each month. That’s up to you to decide.

All jokes aside, we hope you appreciate this little list we made for you, and we hope you’ve found it useful.


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