How to Look Stylish While Riding Your Bike


We’d all be lying to ourselves if we said we don’t like to look fashionable while riding our favorite motorcycle around town. Riding a bike isn’t hard, everyone can do that. But riding while looking fashionable? That takes planning, fashion sense, and patience. Your fashion will dictate the impact you have on people who you ride by on your motorcycle. If you want to make a good fashion statement, you are at the right spot. In this article, we’ll tell you how you will look stylish, handsome, and clean while riding your bike.

Fundamental components for your cool biker look


Leather products have always been labeled as biker’s must-haves. stresses this same thing with the utmost importance. Leather looks fashionable by itself, especially leather jackets, but when you combine it with a bike it takes your looks to an entirely new level. Keeping a leather jacket or leather pants in handy for your biking adventures will be always a good idea because they never go out of fashion.

Another important thing to keep in mind for looking stylish on your bike is making sure your bike is clean and in proper condition. The worst thing that can happen is you going out in style and finding out the headlights on your bike aren’t working properly. Maintain your bike as you would maintain yourself and soon you’ll be turning everyone’s eyes on the road.

How you can improve your riding fashion style with simple tips

Now that you know the most important things to ensure a decent biker look, we have a few tips that will enhance your attire even more.

Jackets never go out of style

Only a few things feel more glorious than riding in the wind with your jacket flapping behind you like a superhero cape. Jackets will always be the most classic biking clothing and pretty much every bike rider you see will be rocking one. The great thing about jackets is you don’t even require your bikes to wear them outside. You can just put a jacket on, go outside for a walk and still look cooler than most people. Classic black leather jackets are the most standard biker’s jacket, but nowadays more and more varieties of jackets are being released that look equally good and stylish!

For example, you have the good old vests if leather jackets are too hot for you, colorful neoprene jackets, and textile jackets that have amazing customization options like waterproofing, etc. Whatever jacket you choose for yourself, be assured that it’s going to look good as long as you stick to one single theme or style. If you are a hardcore rock fan, we suggest looking for jackets with frills, spikes, or buttons that will let everyone know how diehard a fan you are.

Make your colors bright and bold.


Many bikers wear the same old black jacket and white t-shirt combination. While the combination isn’t bad at all, it’s gotten very repetitive and old. If you love sticking with black and white, then absolutely go for it. However, if you are sticking with black and white because you are scared of wearing brighter colors or if you don’t know how to, we heavily recommend you try them out.

Spice things up. Try the blue jeans and the red jackets and the white t-shirts and who knows, you might like them more than what you wore before. There are some amazing colors out there that will look good on you and if you don’t try them out you would be doing yourself an injustice. The rule of the thumb is If you aren’t happy with your fashion style, keep experimenting and trying out new stuff and see how it goes. This brings us to our next tip…

Let your attire be comfortable for you.


The cardinal rule of fashion is don’t wear anything that makes you uncomfortable. This especially applies to bikers since many bikers are on the road for a long time and you don’t want to be traveling in something that keeps irritating you. It’s not, I repeat not, at all compulsory to wear leather if it only makes you uncomfortable.

There are several other options you can wear such as a sweatshirt with jeans and black sneakers for a more comfortable and casual look. If you are going to buy leather jackets or pants make sure they are comfortable for you, allow ample breathing space for your body, and don’t restrict your normal movement. If it doesn’t check any of the said tick marks, get it off the list and look for something else.

Big boots and cool helmets save lives.


You will often find that most bikers choose to have plain jackets without any buttons or extra accessories. That’s because bikers prioritize a clothing’s usability more than its visual appearance. Boots and helmets are prime examples of that. For riding, you need comfortable boots and just the right amount of tight which also have big soles. You don’t want your feet to be slipping off your foothold as it’ll disturb your balance. Going for leather boots is a good idea, the height is entirely your choice depending on your comfort and liking.

Similarly, helmets too should have proper functionality. They should have a wide viewing angle that doesn’t bar your viewing angles and visibility even if the weather is seemingly bad. Helmets also act as insurance for your life when you have an accident so it’s a good idea to always wear one before going out on a ride. Helmets come in a myriad of shapes, styles, and colors. You can choose the serious biker helmet with tinted glass and small shape, or you even fancy things up by choosing a motorcyclist’s helmet. The choices are many and all of them save your lives.


As listed above there are several things you can do as a biker that vastly improve how you look and stylize your attire. We hope these tips helped you and if they did, do consider following our website for more updates as it will really help us out.


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